Stratotech Industries - Small Null Corp. Looking for Industrialists, miners and PvP pilots

Tried to PM you. Think I must missed you. I’ll try again tomorrow :smile:

Yup I’m usually up to 8PM ingame time. Mostly EU tz here, I’ve added you as a contact, or we can talk via mail? Helping with Bumps!

Sure mail works mate. I have the portal app on my phone so go for it. I’m usually ingame around lunch time and then again in the evenings EU tz. There are usually corp members online from lunchtime onwards right through until midnight and later depending on what’s going on. Alliance is online 24/7 :smile:
You got questions… ask away mate :smile:

Membership status open. Looking for Indy and Pvp guys.
New player freindly.
Look us up.

Looking for Industrialists, Ratters and PvP pilots.
Look us up.

Stratotech - With a blueprint for the future.
(Just not necessarily the right one or 100% researched)

Open for membership.
Come and have chat.

Actively looking for Industrialists and PvP players.
Look us up.
Discord and Teamspeak available.

Stratotech - Building the New Eden of tomorrow, today!

(Ability to think of bad, cheesy slogans desired but not mandatory)

Still open to membership applications. Looking for Industrialists, miners and scramming, jamming, burning, hurling, f1 mashing, party crashing, bubble busting lunatics for PvP.

Stratotech - Relaxed but not actually asleep.

(Seriously guys? This the best we got today? Really? )
Also recruiting marketing and slogan design team members.

Membership open
Look us up.

its always great hearing about your adventures in null sec, glad to see you guys are doing well.

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Stratotech exists for the benefit of all members. Not just a few. Come talk to us if you are looking for a new home.
Looking for Industrialists and PvP pilots.

Stratotech - Building with a Bang!

(Ability to think of really bad slogans desirable but not essential)

Relaxed atmosphere. Mature players. PvP and Mining/Industry with random exploration whenever members feel like it.

Stratotech - Providing questionable content and unscheduled vessel dis-assembly options daily.

Join “Stratotech Recruitment” to find out more.

What TZ do you play in?

We are predominantly UK/EU with a number of members from the US who are online regularly. Like most corps we have members who are on for longer time periods than others and those sessions can extend into other timezones.
We also have members from various TZs who have not been able to log on for a while due to RL issues, which is understandable, and we are completely sympathetic too.
For the most part though I’d say, at current, EU tz with a view to building on the US side of things. Our american friends are pretty cool and I’d like to see more transatlantic stuff going on in Corp. The Alliance is US/EU so is active around the clock and it would be cool if the Corp could be as active regarding that.
Hope that’s useful to you mate
Anything else you’d like to know just fire away.

… Dramatic music with a brief montage of Industrial ships and mining operations overwatched by combat vessels…

( Voiceover ) Throughout the whole of New Eden the wheels of Industry never stop. Demand must be met, ISK must be made and the neverending wars must be fought. Fortune favours some and abandons others seemingly at a whim.
Day and night the games of capsuleers mean destruction and adv… ( Pause)

CEO turns to the marketing team who are looking pleased with themselves

Who wrote this? … You did? Right well apart from being ■■■■ what does it have to do with PvP?
We’re about to be directly involved in a big war between a number of Alliances in Null and we need PvP pilots. Yes we need Miners and Industrialists but right now we need guns. Lots of them. We need hunters, killers and murderous sods that don’t do well in polite society. You know… the kind of guys that most industrialists generally leave system at the sight of with a bad case of shaky hands and an urgent need to change their pants. Those guys!
It’s going to be a War!.. not a lvl3 high sec mission or a pleasant stroll round a belt in Gelhan.

( Sigh ) … What’s your slogan for this?

Stratotech - Running the Abyss without being Abysmal

… Really??! … We got what… three guys that run filaments? Out of nearly Forty! Three of them and one of them keeps getting blown up. So tell me, I’m dying to know, how that statement works or is relevant to our current needs.

Marketing guys shuffle, look uncomfortable and mumble stuff about demographics and formulae.

CEO tells them to get out and slowly beats his head off the desk.

Vid feed fades to black

Stratotech - Trying very hard to build a better New Eden.

Join “Stratotech Recruitment” in-game to chat.

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