Stratotech Industries - Small Null Corp. Looking for Industrialists, miners and PvP pilots

Stratotech Industries - With a blueprint for the future.
(Not guaranteed to be 100% researched)

Active and motivated mature Corp with cheesy slogans looking to expand and open game content to members in an engaging and fun way.
We are based in Null sec and Industrial at core with a growing PvP wing.
We’re looking for miners, industrialists and PvP pilots for small gang and Alliance fleet ops.
We look out for and help each other whilst we work towards Corp project goals.
There are no compulsory operations or obligations here just regular mining fleets, gate camps etc which corp or alliance members can join if they want. On the PvP front we will be exploding … a lot… and laughing about it… a lot :grinning:

  • Excellent corp buyback on ores, minerals and select items and components.

  • Comprehensive ship replacement program for fleet operations

  • Alliance facilities for manufacturing, research and moon mining.

  • In-corp Jump Freighter service.

  • Discord and Teamspeak for hanging out etc … particulary when in fleet, exploring W space, multiboxing an ore field, long distance high sec hauling, giving conflicting advice or imparting dubious philosophy of a questionable and possibly drunken nature.

  • member of a relaxed and very social alliance (they are genuinely cool)

  • Extensive and well researched bpo library.

  • RL comes first. Shouldn’t really have to say that, this is not a second job.

  • Alpha and new player friendly. Seriously we are :slightly_smiling_face:

  • FC positions open to those happy to teach and help members develop skills and knowledge of PvP. Negotiable rate and perks. This would suit either grizzled vets who wants to help/ mentor members and see them develop or perhaps those who want to develop their own FC skills and build PvP wings/ gangs from scratch.

  • Based in Etherium Reach.

  • All ships wreck compatible.

  • No minimum skill requirements.

Join “Stratotech Recruitment” in-game

Genuine people - genuine fun

Hit us up in game


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Genuine and motivated. Looking for Newbro to Grizzled vet. Hit us up.

Growing and looking. Look us up. Drop by for a chat.

Membership open.
Your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm is genuinely valued here and makes the Corp, as a whole, better. Especially if you bring cheesy slogans.
Uk/Eu timezone

Stratotech - Going bang near you!

(We’re spitballing here, it’s not all going to be gold lol)

Looking for miners, industrialists, explorers and small gang roamers.

Active and Eu timezone

Stratotech - Building tomorrow, today!

(Ability to think of really bad and cheesy slogans mandatory)


Open for membership. Look us up!

Looking for miners, industrialists and PvP. Relaxed atmosphere. Alliance is also looking for Corporations.
Look us up.

Eu/Uk timezone
Active Alliance
High sec, low sec and wormhole active

Stratotech - Flying in the face of adversity.
(And probably getting shot at by it)

Membership applications open.

Getting heavily into Wormhole exploration alongside our high sec industry projects.

Looking for Explorers, Miners and Industrialists.
Must be able to think of bad, cheesy slogans.

Stratotech - Coming together!
(Er… that… sounded better in the Boardroom)

Membership open.
Everyone has a clean slate here. What you do from this point on is what matters.
Looking for Explorers, Miners, Industrialists and small gang PvP pilots.
Eu/Uk timezone.

Stratotech - Exploring holes all over New Eden

(We’re going to have to talk to Marketing … )

Membership open. Hit us up in game.
Eu/Uk tz

Greetings Fyr.

A fellow miner and myself are new to EVE and are keen to join a friendly, welcoming Corp.

Would you be interested in taking on two new prospects with a passion for mining?

Big ups to this guy and his corp, super great guy and he runs a great corp.

Hey Samu.
We absolutely have room for a couple more. We are about to move to Null sec space though so I’m not sure if that is what you are looking for. If you are ok with that then please jump in. If however you are looking to stay in High sec space then would absolutely recommend talking to Agent Blackbear in Celestial Precision and he will welcome you I’m sure. He runs a great Corp and a very social Alliance. He will look after you.

New direction. Now based in Null.
New opportunities, new ways to get shot at.
Genuine people, genuine fun.
Looking for Industrialist, miners, PvP pilots and more ways to use a comma.
Eu/Uk timezone.
Hit us up in game.

Stratotech - Industry with absolutely no regard for Health and Safety.
No high visibility clothing required.
Come join the chaos.
Membership open.

Yes that is a made up word but it’s better than just saying “Bump” right?

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Hello, I’m interested, however, my corp history is all over the place. When you can reach me up ingame.

Hi. I’ll be online in about an hour. I’ll reach you ingame then. Looking forward to talking to you. Don’t worry to much about your corp history. We all have a past one way or another. We prefer to look to the future and offer a clean slate.