Stratotech Industries - Looking for Rockhoppers, Spannermonkeys, Mapnomads and Gunslingers. All ships wreck compatible. Yes you can bring your cat

Mature, relaxed, friendly Corp with cheesy slogans based in Null sec looking for new membership as it initiates some new projects and gathers momentum again.
Stratotech is a fun loving Industrial corp that also supports Alliance operations and system security PvP content.
Basically we mine, build, rat, fight and explode. Usually hilariously as we are predominantly a mining and industrial group but the Alliance we are part of are a great bunch of people and we are learning every time we are out with them so PvP is an increasing activity for us. The important part is we do have fun.
At this point Stratotech is looking for players who either wish to try null life or are maybe coming back to the game and are looking for that kind of content. We understand away from game breaks as a number of our members are away dealing with rl issues and we have all done it from time to time.
We would like to stress we didn’t cause the aforementioned issues :slight_smile:

In terms of Industry the Corp has access to excellent facilities and possesses a comprehensive library of blueprints. We build Tech 1 and 2 ships/modules, some Tech 3 when needed and a lot Capital ships. Along with engaging in research and PI infrastructure.
We also explode. Did we mention this?
The local region has some very good market hubs for trade and we run regular jump freighters for ores, materials, equipment, fuels, donuts, cake and whatever else anybody wants to throw in them.
We use both Discord and Teamspeak and although we are mostly Uk/Eu timezone we do have members from all over the world as does the Alliance.
We are fairly relaxed and most of us have kids etc so RL really does come first. We don’t have mandatory ops, times or anything like that and our rules are just the normal ones concerning conduct and following Alliance guidelines etc.

We offer full ship replacement for Corp/Alliance ops and help with training, skills, ship building etc

Alpha and new player friendly. We actually just started a purely high sec, non war dec status alt corp specifically for relaxed high sec mining, industry, pve and helping new players find their feet in New Eden. Many new players find the game daunting, overwhelming and struggle to find to get started in a positive way. To address that we have just set up “Stratotech Logistics”.
Stratotech Logistics is for new players seeking guidance, training or simply a relaxed environment in which to learn the game and for Stratotech Industries members to operate an alt character to help new players and engage in high sec activities like mining or mission running without wars being an issue.

We also sometimes just sit and spin ships whilst talking rubbish. This does happen :joy:

If any of this sounds like what you might be looking for then either drop a mail to Fyr Cassell or Bensonator and we’ll get in touch with Dis/TS channel links or join our recruitment channel - “Stratotech Recruitment”

Stratotech Industries - With a blueprint for the future
(Just maybe not the right one or particularly well researched for that matter but it will be well meant.)

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Still bumping

Stratotech Industries - A Charon is for life not just for Christmas.

“It’s not been destroyed. It’s simply undergone a Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly Event that’s all. We call it RUDE for short and we find it unhelpful.”
Eske Aldelanne - Research and Development team. Stratotech Industries.

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Following the wise words of Eske

Looking for miners, industrialists, PvP pilots and explorers.

Stratotech Industries - Exploring the Abyss without being Abysmal

(Ability to think of cheesy slogans prefered but not essential)

Rockhoppers, Spannerjockeys, Mapnomads and gunslingers all welcome.

Stratotech Industries - Imagine more rocks than you can imagine.

(Ok … we need to talk to marketing)

Alpha, casual, new and returning player friendly. Whether you are looking for Industry, exploration or PvP we can accommodate.
No PAPS, frequent CTA’s, obligations or minimum skill requirements.
Help and mentoring for new players.
Discord and TS
Clean comms

Stratotech Industries - Flying in the face of adversity.
(And probably being shot at by it)

Helping the process in assistance of imagining space rocks!

“Ok people… We’re looking for two guys with cloaking devices. Anyone seen anything?”

Sgt Cadelanne - Stratotech security division

Stratotech Industries - Recruiting now. Be part of something really special.
(Is Marketing sure about the wording on this one? …Anyone? … Hello?)

Industrialists, Miners, Ratters, Explorers and PvP pilots welcome. New player friendly and a home for old vets.

“If you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs… you clearly haven’t grasped the full gravity of the situation.”
Kylakin - Stratotech Director

Still recruiting, still cheesy! All welcome!

Alpha and new player friendly. Miners, Industrialists, Ratters and PvP fiends welcome.
EU/Us tz. Clean comms.
Mature and relaxed approach. Member of one of Eve’s oldest Alliances.

Stratotech Industries- Clearly no interest in Health and Safety.

(Ability to think of questionable and cheesy slogans desirable but not mandatory)

500 MN Microwarpdrive bump to this post.

Still looking for members to join our little group of capsuleers to have fun with.

Hey there. Do you all have many USTZ members at the moment or all mainly EUTZ? o7

Interested. I am a 16 year veteran of WoW, please do not hold that against me. That being said, I found Eve and it intrigues me. Real life is definitely a factor but mining appeals to me, I sit in front of a computer all day in a pandemic-induced career change, so mining is something I think I can do, at least to begin with. I like being a part of something, I’m more of a giver than a taker as long as I am appreciated. The huge skill tree is daunting, and I would ask for help, but at the end of the day, I would like to be in an environment where people work together for a better result for all. I’m not a paying member right now but if I find it’s worth my time I would happily do so. Do you have a website? If so, please list it, or email me at Thank you for your time!

Hi Portheo
Only a few active US tz members at the moment a number of Corp members are away from game dealing with RL matters.
Yhe Alliance operates 24/7 and has quite a few US tz players.
Our US tz members should be returning soon :slight_smile:

Hi Atif
Noone here going to judge you that. If anything 16 years shows dedication.
Eve is certainly a complex and intriguing game. I’m glad you have found it but be warned many have wondered how deep this particular rabbit hole goes and not found their way out yet.
The skill tree can seem daunting along with other aspects of the game but help is to be found and we can certainly accommodate.
Stratotech was founded with cooperation and mutual help at it’s core.
No-one here is a number and RL definitely comes first. It has taken me several hours to write this due to work for example and many of us are married and have children so game time is limited and precious. In fact we feel privileged others choose to spend that time in Corp with us. Truly.
There is nothing mandatory in the way you choose to spend your game time in Stratotech and we try to give members options and freedom. We have large projects going on and if members wish to join in and contribute then that is appreciated but not obligatory. If however someone simply wants to grab a ship and disappear into a wormhole or go join an alliance operation for example that is absolutely fine.
Likewise you can sit, spin your ship and just talk on Discord/TS if your day has been hard. That is absolutely fine too.
In terms of guidance and training for new players etc we offer the full package. Ships and equipment, skills, guidance the lot.
In fact we are about to start a subsidiary corp that is situated in high security space only and will not be able to be directly involved in wars. It is purely for relaxed mining, industry and PvE. It is essentially for the training of new players and R&R for members of Stratotech Industries in Null who need some downtime and want to help.
It will still be part of Stratotech and share the same Discord etc but will operate purely in high security space. It will be up and running in the next couple of days.
We don’t mind if you are an alpha or omega player and whether you are rich, poor, skilled on not. The only things that matters to us is if you are a decent person and whether you treat other players with respect or not.
If any of this sounds like something you would like to be involved in and if you like speak to us directly then please feel free to mail us in game and we can send you a Discord invite.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Even if you decide not to join us we may still be able to help you find your feet and enjoy this bewilderingly vast and amazing game.
Hope to speak soon
With regards
Fyr Cassell
Stratotech Industries

Tektonic#2300 i have 3 accounts. 2 in retrievers and 1 in an ORCA

Hi Tektonic
Nice work. Are you looking to join a Corp? Interested in what Stratotech has to offer?
We are actively looking for people to come mine, build and invent with us whilst engaging with our growing community.
(Admittedly a fair percentage of New Eden’s population does try to engage with said community with blasters, rockets and stuff but hey… words are pretty cool too right?)
If you would like to know more about us drop into “Stratotech Recruitment” in game chat and/or drop us a mail and we can give you a Discord invite if you would like one.
Fyr Cassell
Stratotech Industries