US+EU: [TPOSE] StratsCo 🦂 Balance work, life, and wormholes. Now with Alliance opportunities!

tl;dr - Corp of grownups, both vets and newbros, living in a wormhole, building foundations and expanding. Seeking other adults who welcome good times. If that sounds interesting, type !eve on Discord.

[TPOSE] StratsCo: We live in a wormhole. We’re looking for like-minded pilots to join our mission. Phase one of our roadmap includes establishing an industrial footprint, building revenue streams for members through various wormhole and lowsec content.


Brand New? We will get you set up in scanning ships, and you will have a major impact on the mission right away.

Come for the Spaceships, Stay for the People

Our members include both seasoned returning veterans, brand-new pilots, and everything in between. You will have access to content we create in-house as well as a large pool of available ops through our alliance.

We have members available and chatting essentially all day from US Eastern to US Pacific but our core prime time tends to extend into the late night. Please see our active times by zone chart.

Open Roles

In addition to broad recruitment, we’re hiring for the following lead roles:

  • Fleet Commanders: You will report to the lead FC to bring doctrine fleets out to space, moving through our wormhole maps to find targets. PVE fleets also available.
  • Industry Leaders: You will report to our Head of Industry to own and operate key links in our supply chain. Including research, production, mining, freight, and more.

Where to start:

  1. Fill our the (very) short application at
  2. Open Discord, say hello: StratsCo + Discord
  3. Type !eve and see #internet-spaceships for more info.

Dos and Don’ts

We have one critical rule: Be excellent to each other.

Things we do:

  • Active on Voice Comms
  • Wormhole ops
  • Missioning with friends
  • Free roaming
  • Discord dad jokes
  • Research and development
  • Adult beverages

Things we don’t do:

  • Condescending bitter space vet talk

About StratsCo:

Since 2014, we have been the community for people who like to play video games—usually together. We have one simple but critical rule here: Be excellent to each other.



Current regularly scheduled fleets:

Fleet ops every Saturday. See the #fleet-ops channel on Discord (just hit a reaction to sign up):

Join us in the wormhole. New capsules welcome.

x up in #fleet-ops:

Note: Currently hiring some specific open roles.

Late night crew, checking in.

Let’s mission, friends.

“Have a peculiar passion, audacity, and boldness that see farther and further into the outer space.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

“All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct.” ―Carl Sagan


What area is home space. seeing how far I would have to kick the can, and how far of move from current home with good mining , missions etc……… ??

Hello @Ca_Joecool, our home hub and HQ Office is in Hek. Our mission running space is just a couple jumps away in Lanngisi (Sisters of EVE). Mining ops for our corp’s industry or with our alliance are around that area as well. We have offices all around this area, including in some alliance structures.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

“Only via continuing to probe every nook and cranny of the universe that is accessible to us will we truly build a useful appreciation of our own place in the cosmos.” ― Lawrence M. Krauss

Mining op; chill op.

“We must never confuse space colonization with the conquest of space. The world beyond ours is unimaginably vast; it will be what it has always been. When humankind begins to make its home in space, it is we who will change.” ― Cameron M. Smith

Interested in joining you guys in corp. Will be in contact in game soon.

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