US+EU: [TPOSE] StratsCo - Balance work, life, and wormholes [C4: C3/C5]

StratsCo is a laid back Wormhole corporation and gaming community (circa 2014) where friends are made, drinks are drunk, and life always comes first. Our goal is to continue to build our brand as an established and reputable WH group that always undocks to fight, and provides a desirable long term home for our pilots. We often take fights outgunned and outnumbered, and try to end up on the right side of the battle report. We live in a C4 wormhole with C3 and C5 statics, giving options for all sorts of content. We enjoy all forms of PVP and will partake in whatever content becomes available - small-gang Nano/Skirmish, mid-sized brawls, targets of opportunity, joint fleet ops, etc. We are active across US and EU time zones.

Just remember, we always take the bait.

What we offer:

  • Chill environment - if you are bored of CTA’s, deployment, TIDI fights, a-hole leadership that makes Eve a job and not a game - you can find your home with us - Every Pretender is important
  • Organized and Responsive PVP - We have established doctrines for organized fights, and ping frequently for random skirmishes and targets
  • Commitment to our people - We are a group-focused environment that provides resources, guides, and training to making each other better. Community is extremely important to us
  • Crabbing - our C3 and C5 statics offer ample Blue Loot opportunities
  • Industry - We have citadels with access to T3 production and reactions
  • We are active in NPSI communities, and can introduce you to groups like Overclocker, Bomber’s Bar, Spectre Fleet, and other small gang groups. Feel free to fly with other groups outside of the alliance - we love NPSI fleets
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Wormhole logistics service - simply put in an order and have your items and ships delivered directly to your destination

Our Philosophies

  • Be excellent to each other
  • Be active on Discord comms when in the wormhole chain
  • Proactive pilots who seek content enjoy the game far more than pilots who expect content
  • You learn more from dying in a fight than running from one
  • Our pilots will fly without restriction from Leadership - fly what you want and die frequently
  • Eve is a video game - it’s meant to be played, so take risks

Ideal Pilots will have or be close to having

  • T2 Heavy Assault Missiles
  • Caldari Battlecruiser to V or Logi Cruiser to IV
  • Skills to fly a Tengu or Loki
  • Alt for scanning, bubbles, or booshing
  • A really really good dad joke to tell

Some of our videos:
Big ole NH Brawl
Friendly WH Fight
Marshal Kill

Some of our recent fights
Fight vs Turbo, Moros Navy down!
Joint Fleet with FFEW vs SNYDE
Outnumbered, but not outskilled
Thanatos down!
Shield Brawl
Nano go brrr
Redeemer down!

Alliance Killboard

For recruitment:

Discord: StratsCo React with the EVE online emoji and say hi in #internet-spaceships, and one of our recruiters can answer your questions.

In game channel : 21SEP Diplomacy or message Vorthos, Hsiri, Yii, Sarah Krenal, Penverne, or Chemius Epistimonas

Since 2014, we have been the community for people who like to play video games—usually together. We have one simple but critical rule here: Be excellent to each other.

Actively seeking the bestest of friends, come say hello!

One of us

Still looking for dad jokes.

Good luck to Argentina today! Go Messi!

Little skirmish today

Still recruiting.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

Said hi in discord and put in app at site. Looking forward to future potential :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

Nice post! Say hello to all my hispanics friends over there!

We will :slight_smile:


Still Recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

Where them dad jokes at?

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

We still out here recruiting!