Stratotech Logistics - New high sec subsidiary Corp for new player guidance and relaxed industry

Stratotech Logistics is a brand new subdivision of Stratotech Industries and a purely high sec, non war dec status alt Corp for the guidance and training of new/returning players. Being a predominantly Industrial Corp our experience is mainly in mining and advanced industry however we also have experience in PvP due to Stratotech Industries being based in Null sec.
Essentially Stratotech Industries members can use alts to do high sec mining, industry and help new and returning players find their feet in New Eden without the problemns of war declarations.
Many new players can find Eve daunting and overwhelming and some of our members have been playing a Very long time and wish to help.
Stratotech Industries and Stratotech Logistics will share the same Discord channel so members of both Corps will be very much part of the same community.

We are looking for New player, returning players, alpha or omega and anyone who wishes to quietly share their experience and knowledge of Eve in a positive way.

We offer:-
Guidance and training
Mining fleets
Blueprint library
Ore buyback scheme
Ship replacement scheme
Shared Discord with experienced players in null and progression to null sec corp (should you want it but there is absolutely no obligations of any sort. Seriously… there are no obligations. Period)
Clean comms

If this sounds of interest to you please drop Djekstra Utama, Fyr Cassell or Bensonator a mail in game or simply drop into “Stratotech Recruitment” channel ingame and have a chat.
(aka Fyr Cassell, CEO Stratotech Industries)

New players, returning players, alpha and omega welcome.
Mature, relaxed high sec activities.
Non war eligible.
Clean comms
Part of an established Null sec Corp and shared Discord community.

Drop into “Stratotech Recruitment” channel in game or mail Djekstra Utama, Fyr Cassell, Matsu Bluefoxeh or Bensonator for enquiries.

Fly safe

New player and Alpha friendly.
Relaxed atmosphere.
Mature members.
Clean comms.

Non war dec status.

Drop a mail or drop into “Stratotech Recruitment” channel for more info.

Come join the fun, we have bobbles!

Waffle drones are the future.
Come fly / build / asplode with us!

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