Stribog Kybernaut Subclade [SKS3] is recruiting. Glorification awaits in the fields of Pochven!

More difficult and lucrative combat sites have been announced by CCP. It’s now easier to farm standing and ISK in Pochven than ever before; however, it’s always safer to fly with friends.

Join the Stribog Kybernaut Subclade!

Recruitment is still open.

Are there any requirements to join? EUTZ 28mil SP player looking for a new home and new challenges

No SP or TZ requirements.

We are active in all three time zones and we will help you gain the standings necessary effectively move around Pochven.

The standing grind isn’t so daunting when you’re flying with friends. Join Stribog and live in EVE’s newest region.

Recruitment is still open.

NPCs are less buggy! (probably) and more lucrative combat sites are now available in Pochven.

The ESS changes make Pochven an excellent place to stage from to go rob some banks in Null-sec.

Join Stribog today!

NPCs are still buggy! (CCP is having a really hard time with this one, I saw EDENCOM firing on each other today)

However… Pochven is still an excellent place to do some PvE/PvP and learn how to avoid being blown up by drifters.

Recruitment is still open.

Someday the aggression bug will be fixed, but today is not quite that day. It does make it a little easier to get Triglavian salvage once they start killing themselves, though…

Recruitment is still open!

Join us for some “cloaky ■■■■■■■■”. No local, no problem! join Stribog today.

Recruitment is still open.

I recommend highly them

Industrialists needed in Pochven!

We have the richest ore anomalies in the game but not enough miners to keep them cleared. This region has the best mining found anywhere in New Eden.

Recruitment is still open.

We have now successfully made it more than a single day without getting a ship blown up by drifters! Learn how to D-scan, probe, safe spot, and covops PvP with Stribog.

Recruitment is still open.

Daily PvP and PvE opportunities, hundreds of millions in salvage/loot, and a dedicated community of players getting by in New Edens most active Pochven Corp.

Join the Proving, join Stribog.

ESS robberies are much easier when you can take a filament back to Pochven!

And, for those more interested in PvE opportunities, wondering where all the ore went? It’s all in Pochven we have ore anomalies worth BILLIONS of ISK.

Join Stribog today!

We have mining, we have industry, we have PvP. Join Stribog, Pochven’s largest active corporation.

Recruitment is still open.

Rob an ESS, blow up a drifter, mine literally the best ores and belts in New Eden, and join us in the shared belief that the triangle is the superior shape.

Recruitment is still open.

STRIBOG - Industrialists wanted

Make bank with PP only 5 jumps* away from Jita, mine the richest ore anomolies in the game, help the residents of Pochven blow themselves up!

Recruitment is still open.

*note, will require 3.0 standing

Want to get your goods into and out of Pochven? (Or take the goods from people too lazy to do the work themselves) Join Stribog today!

Recruitment is still open.

Clear out Pochven of all those who don’t acknowledge the triangle as the most superior geometric shape!

Recruitment is still open.

Hi there, i’m thinking of coming back to EvE and this new region looks like a fun mix of elements from nullsec and wh’s :slight_smile:

I do however only have like 0.03 standings with the Trigs from the top of my head and i have understood you need 3+ for some areas and 7+ for home regions. Can you give me an indication on how long it will take to get for instance to 3.0 standings ?

Furthermore i like doing stuff with corp mates but sometimes it’s also relaxing to come home from a hard day at work and do some pve. Are there any pve activities i can do with 2 or 3 characters ?

Can you also comment on how much pvp activity you can find in this new region or do you use the wh’s or filaments for that ?

Re: standing

  • it takes around 12-20 hours of gameplay to get up to 3.0 standing with the Triglavian Collective
  • this will give you access to the majority of Pochven and you can still enter the home systems by wormhole or filament connections, just not the gates into them


  • there are combat sites and mining anomalies in Pochven
  • the current combat sites are about the same difficulty as the Emerging Conduits / Forward posts from the invasion and can be done relatively easily in a fleet of 3-5 or in a somewhat bling my ship / marauder
  • the mining anomalies are probably the richest in the game in terms of both raw value and individual ores, they spawn across the whole region so you may have to move around to do some mining


  • there’s always the possibility of roaming PvPers in Pochven, those hostile to us tend to be most active during the RUTZ and my own Corp tends to be most active during the late EUTZ/USTZ
  • most PvP will require 3.0 standing and a cloaky ship since NPCs will often camp the gates
  • generally everyone is hunting people attempting to PvE or mine in the region
  • Pochven is also an excellent region to stage out of for ESS robbing as you can filament to and from it fairly easily