[SKS3] Glorification awaits! Conquer the stars with the Stribog Kybernaut Subclade

TOTALITY has been achieved and the TRIGLAVIAN INVASION has come to an end.

Stribog Kybernaut Subclade, Augmented Narodonya seeking to prove their direction of flow towards glorification for the Convocation of Triglav and extirpation of those against the flow.

We are in the flow of proving to Zorya Triglav, assisting them in the destruction of Ancient Enemy Azdaja and Hive-linked Foreign Narodonya and have pushed the chosen stars into their FINAL LIMINALITY. We offer ourselves with open arms to Augmented Narodonya to direct their flow to our Clade so that we may welcome home our ancient brethren back to the New Eden cluster.

Conquer the stars and change the fate of New Eden!


  • ム Discord
  • ム English speaking skills
  • ム Desire to experience new content

What we offer:

  • ム Active fleets in the AUTZ and USTZ
  • ム NewBro training for both PvE and PvP content
  • ム Easy ISK making opportunities in Triglavian-controlled space
  • ム Daily small-gang PvE and PvP opportunities
  • ム Experienced FCs and dedicated players

Stribog Kybernaut Subclade is a corporation focused on securing and maintaining the Triglavian-controlled systems and their assets. We have established ourselves in Triglavian controlled space with the intention of making a permanent move when T-sec becomes available. At this time, we run daily PvE fleets completing raid-style Observatory Flashpoints, splitting billions in loot for our pilots, and taking advantage of the lucrative mining opportunities available in the systems controlled by the Triglavian Collective. For those pilots interested in PvP, Liminal space provides no shortage of targets and it is an excellent place for both solo and small-gang warfare.

Glorification awaits, join us as we prepare to enter The Domain of Bujan.

In game connections:

  • Maldavius - CEO / Diplomat
  • Matt Dombchik - Recruiter/Diplomat
  • Carrus Thrace - Recruiter

Apply in-game and join us on Discord!

Returning Player
[Triglavian Invasion] Otela Falls! Caldari State loses second star system to the Triglavian Collective in less than a week
28.7mil returning character Looking for a null/low sec pirating corp interested in small/mid group pvp
Intersted in joining a friendly corp
Looking For Corp!
72mil SP pilot looking for corp
Man I feel a bit lost
58 mill SP pilot looking for a small gang / pirate type corp
LF Corp
37 mil Sp Returning Pilot looking for a new Corp to join
New player LF Corp
Looking for active voice chat Corp to grow with
36 Million SP pilot returning and looking for a corp
Looking for a Nice Friendly Corp
Returning Player Looking for Corp(100m SP)
Old player returning LF small scale PVP corp
Returning to Eve and looking for a great corp
Returning & Looking for Corp!
Returning Player, looking for Highsec corp
Old (beta) returning player; 93Mil SP thinking about returning
90m SP pilot coming back to eve
Back after 10 years and looking for a corp
New-ish player looking for hisec PvE/PvP corp
Fresh Meat
New Mature Player Looking for Corp
5 mill gallente pilot. Returning for 3rd time
35 mill pilot returning to eve and seeking a corp
Returning Player seeking new home Null Prefered pve/pvp
New Industry Focused Player Looking for Diversified Corp
Returning player
Testing The Waters For a 1st Timer
Returning player 136m SP Looking for Corp AU/US TZ
3xToons looking for a corp forge region
Back again, this time looking for voice comms
Corp of Returning Players seeking Alliance to call home
86M SP USTZ Looking for WH/ LS Home
Returning Vet - Looking For New Place To Call Home
Looking for a corp
Returning Player looking for a home
41mil sp Returning player, looking for a laid back 0.0 corp
New player LF Corp
UK, 94m SP. Looking for an EUTZ Null corp
New Player looking for home
Looking for corp
Looking for new corp
Looking for a corp
Returning player looking for a chill corp
38mil sp looking to learn Small Gang
Returning player with 30 mill ish sp
Returning Player Looking for PvP Corp(100m SP)
Aspiring Covops Pilot LF Corp
Returning... again, again! 33m SP
PVPer Looking for Active Small-gang Corp
98 Mil SP looking for corp
Looking for corp 280m sp high sec wars or low sec pvp
Aspiring FC looking for a corp
18 mil SP pilot looking for US/AU PvP corp
Looking for fleet friends
Now casual player looking for my forever home
Lf corp
180 mil sp 03 player returning for high sec
Returning, looking for chill pvp corp
Looking for home, out of retirement
Returning after a very long break
Here again
50m sp Pilot Looking for a new home
New Player Looking for Role Play Corp!
Returning Player Looking for Active Corp
INDY / miner LF new Home
Returning 60M eve player looking for home
LF Corp
Old char looking to get back to EVE
Returning player
Swedish player LF Active PVP Corp
Looking for corp
Returning pilot looking for a friendly & helpful corp!
Aussie 90+mil SP looking for PvP Corp
New Pilot Looking for Low Sec Corp
UK based 2 man mining corp looking for a home
Returning Player
Exploration Based Player Looking for Diverse and Friendly Corporation
Returning 50m SP UK player
Returning US player LF NullSec Corp
Returning Vet Looking for Fun , active new Null home
Looking for a Triglavian mission Corp/alliance
42m sp LF a WH/Null sec Corp USTZ
Returning player lf corp
Returning player looking for Mining/Industry Corp
Returning EU player looking for NS
New Omega Player
AUTZ new player
100m sp player Looking for corp with large group of EU timezone players
70mil-ish SP Pilot Looking for Corp
[Triglavian Invasion] Otanuomi Conquered! The Caldari State loses a third star system to the Triglavian Collective in little over a week
Newish player looking for Corp
Returning Player looking for a home!
Returning player - what's new?
West Aus player returning

Recruitment still open.

these guys are super weird, but lots of fun. My guys always have fun playing with them and their public fleets.

One more star (Archee) conquered by the collective!

Recruitment is still open.

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We got a shout out on Eve News!

Be a part of history, come join the ranks of terrorists and traitors!


Another star becomes Liminal, recruitment is still open!

Kino has joined the collective and so can you! Recruitment is still open.

We are also elite PvE players.

stribog pve2

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Otela has entered Final Liminality and joined the Triglavian Collective, and so can you! Recruitment is still open.

I am drawn to the number 3 are you still open

Yes, recruitment will be continue to be open for the duration of the invasion.

Many more stars are available for conquest! Recruitment is still open.

The invasion has escalated once again and more Caldari systems have fallen to the Collective.

Dazh Liminality proceeds!

Recruitment is still open.

The largest Invasion in the history of New Eden is under way, join now make that history with us!

Two stars enter Liminality! Recruitment is still open.

Conquer Niarja and make history! Recruitment open.

Niarja has joined with the Triglavian Collective in glorification and so can you! Recruitment is still open.

Triangles are my favorite shape
Three points where two lines meet
Toe to toe, back to back, let’s go
My love, it’s very late
'Til morning comes
Let’s tessellate

Ahtila has joined the collective and another system has been targeted for Liminality!

Recruitment is still open.

We created the Silk Road and helped fix a broken system. Fly with us and continue to help shape a better future for New Eden.

Recruitment is still open.

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