[Triglavian Invasion] Otela Falls! Caldari State loses second star system to the Triglavian Collective in less than a week

The Otela star system has been conquered by the Triglavian Collective! This loss comes as a heavy blow to many of the local inhabitants in this highly populated system and shortly after another crushing defeat for the Caldari State in Kino.

YC 122/08/08
14:35 - The Otela - The Forge - star system entered Stellar Reconnaissance; EDENCOM and Triglavian aligned capsuleers (Kybernauts) began vying for control over the system. Slowly but surely, the Kybernauts were able to gain an early lead and continued pushing the system towards Triglavian influence in spite of the combined efforts of EDENCOM and local capsuleers.

YC 122/08/09
11:00 - The Otela star system reached 70% Triglavian Influence and continued to be pushed by the Kybernauts. Local opposition intensified and the system was held at 80% influence for many hours before the Kybernauts, with assistance from BLACKFLAG., were able to continue pushing the system.

18:35 - Otela entered First Liminality and many of the local inhabitants began to evacuate the system. No significant organized resistance from EDENCOM was present in the system at this time and the Kybernauts were left uncontested for many hours. Several Caldari Navy Phoenix dreadnoughts were destroyed during this time as well as many capsuleer ships unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire.

YC 122/08/10
1:45 - Shortly after the system entered Second Liminality, Electus Matari and Phoenix Naval Systems entered the system to engage a Triglavian World Ark, successfully defeating the formidable ship and forcing it back into abyssal space. This, however, had little effect on the overall progress of the invasion.

5:54 - Otela entered Final Liminality; Kybernauts continued to destroy Caldari Navy forces in the system while The Stribog Kybernaut Subclade fought off opportunistic capsuleers and picked off local stragglers. The Triglavian Collective established full control over Otela, deploying its Stellar Transmuter and another World Ark.


Jita doesn’t stand a chance.

Niarja doesn’t stand a chance.

Niarja is Amarr.

Nerfs incoming…

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Niarja doesn’t stand a chance. :slight_smile:

Yeah… if I shoot an edencom ship one time then what difference does it make?

That wont save you if the system becomes null-security…

Meh. I prefer nullsec. The God Guns are the problem.


I am probably the only one who sees this as an issue. Why does liminality proceed when the World Ark has been banished from the system? One of these “difficult choices” CCP is talking about, probably.


I am certain it has some effect on the invasion as there is no EDENCOM equivalent. We have not managed to discern the effects however since we have not had many World Arks go down. EDENCOM gained a tick of influence when it fell apparently.
If you know for certain what happens you know more than I do.

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Do you actually think there’s only one World Ark? Or that all the hundreds of ships zooming around the system will retreat because an Ark was interrupted during its survey? The Ark in the Assault Flashpoint was never a necessity for the conquest of the system, only a convenience.


Whatever CCP programs, will be.

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I don’t know this system fell quick. I wouldn’t rate Thier defense as highly as you do yami.
I thought it fell quicker than kino did.

Lol the ole but caldari have an em hole when 90% of our forces don’t do that kind of damage.

We just take 3 system in the span of a week

Next Stop: 6 system in a week

:red_circle: I think it is garbage. The WA gives a little bit over 1% progress for such an important asset in an important site of the system. In order for it to be a “difficult choice” it should have way more impact on the progression so that people actually have to decide to protect it or attack it to thwart attacker progress. That it is not a necessity is the issue here. But as said, I am probably the only one who things that way and wants more actual “difficult choices”.

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Its about npc on npc action.


Oh you mean like Amar Vs trigs ?
And yesterday there wasn’t much NPC v NPC as we crushed the roaming fleets quickly.

I don’t understand why this is so difficult for them to understand unless they are deliberately trolling.

I saw multiple NPC fights.