The worst systems the Triglavian’s can make liminal… or how the Triglavians can really ruin some people’s days!

Its been just over a couple of months since chapter 3 started and the Triglavians started conquering systems messing with empire space blue and (G5) yellow stars, so I thought it worth asking the question, “what would be the worst systems the Triglavians could take and go liminal?”

A couple of caveats before we begin:

  1. I have not included the rookie systems, or systems that block off rookie systems, such as Algogille. We do not really know which systems are safe, especially in the era of chaos, but if CCP can ban players from grieving in rookie space… do you think they won’t hesitate to ban Zoyra for doing the same!

  2. I have not listed Faction warfare systems, almost anywhere taken in faction warfare is a pain!

  3. There will be systems I have missed out. I have used the fantastic dotlan maps to make this up though I could certain things you don’t get from just staring at a map.

  4. As there are lots of annoying places for the trigs to take, I have had to limit this list to the most worrisome

  5. Scoring can be a little arbitrary depending on how I felt when writing it, so take it with a pinch of salt

So without further ado, in alphabetical order by region… here are those nightmare invasion sites

Feel free to skip to the regions you find interesting, otherwise you could be reading this for days.


Known as a backwater in the Amarr Empire, few give a Feedo about Aridia. But you should do! You see Aridia is just a few of liminality’s from being cut off from the Empire!

3 inconvenience points
Pahineh A0 star only a jump away from the regional capital Mishi.

Yehaba This star blocks off 2 direct links between Solitude and Gensis with Aridia… but its neighbour Shirshocin is even worse! As its an orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

9 pain points

Tisot – Blocks of Khanid and Delve from Aridia. Would be a real pest for the Khanid family, as Aridia is part of the Khanid Military Circuit.

27 anguish points
Nalnifan and Kamih If any of these two systems were taken Aridia would be effectively cut in two! Kamih would also cut off easy access to the large Omb II constellation.

Shirshocin Like Yehaba it blocks off Genesis and Solitude with Aridia, which is bad enough. In lore there is a lot of trade and immigration between Solitude with Aridia so this would be a tough one for a lot of those who rely in that border. However, what makes this one even worse is that it also cuts off that link between Genesis and Solitude. The only other way to get to Solitude would be though the nulsec Syndicate!

Regional overview: It would take a lot of bad luck but if say Tisot, Shirshocin, and the Kor-Azor region system of Zinkon were taken, effectively Aridia would be cut off from the Empire completely. Otherwise there are plenty of systems which on their own would make this region really suffer.

The Bleaklands

Unlike the namesake there is not much worth talking about in this system. I think the normally unlucky inhabitants can breath a sigh of relief.

Black Rise

Not much there other than warzone. I would have said Ichoriya was important but that’s already lost. Only other thing worth noting is the Caldari Navy Relay Nexus in Astoh

The Citadel

Yep, I am going in Alphabetical order but I’m discounting the ‘The’! Anyway The Citadel doesn’t have too many annoying systems, but given its importance to the Caldari it has one system that would really mess things up

Honourable mention

Saikanen Contains a State Data Center as well as being the HQ of the mercenary corporations Osmon Surveillance, though given their reputation maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if this system was taken…

9 pain points

Ahynada , and to a lesser extent Komo and Uotila Any of these would cut the important Citadel region in 2, but Ahynada does this even more thoroughly cutting off a cutting off a shortcut though Lonetrek that would have got you between Citadel North and South as well. Now there are other ways to reach to get between the two, though the Forge, but taking Anynada really does break the back of the Citadel.
UPDATE: Komo has been taken and the Citadel has been chopped in two, so I have lowered the severity from 81 to 9 but Ahynada is still an important cross road in the area in the northern Citadel


Though the Trigs seemed to show interest in Derelik in chapter 1, there are not that many terrible places left to take in this region. Indeed the real risk to Derelik is getting cut off though invasions in Heimatar or Devoid.

Honourable mention

Kasrasi HQ for the Sanmatar Kelkoons mercenary cooperation

3 inconvenience points

Onsooh Taking this would not cut the region in half alone and that possibility disappeared when Edencomm won Abha, but could make getting around Derelik south a lot slower. As its an orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

Assah Cuts off Derelik from providence, which has been historically pro Amarr Null sec


Not an important a region, but if you want to cut off the Amarr from the Ammatar this is where you would do it. Now with Niarja gone this contains only high sec route to Amarr space

243 Dread points!

Mehatoor and to a lesser extent Ohide Taking Mehatoor would cut off the only high sec link between the Amarr from the Ammatar and… well… who knows what kind of chaos that would lead to (Perhaps Derelik would end up Minmatar or something)! Ohide doesn’t quite cut off this route, but means you would have to go through faction warfare space to reach Derelik, which may be difficult if the Minmatar control it.
Now I would have given Mehatoor even more inconvenience points if Edencom hadn’t saved Mendori .
Niarja update!
Ok Mehatoor and Ohide just got a whole lot more important with Niarja being taken. They are along the path of the only highsec route in and out of the Empire. Loosing either of is a calamity!


Seat of the biggest empire and the largest region, Shirley there must be some horrible systems to lose? Well since its so large and well connected the lose of most yellow or blue stars would not change much. Except for one or two systems….

3 inconvenience points
Ealur – Ever heard of the Ealur? That’s why taking this system would just be sad

Kehour It’s a throne world, its embarrassing to loose

Shuria HQ for the Amarr Civil Service. I mean imagine all that important paperword going missing; it would be a scandal! Also blocks off a gateway to Kor-Azor. As its an orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

Nifshed – just makes journeys to the south east of Domain super inconvenient.

9 pain points

Armala Taking this system makes journeys to the south west of Domain a pain. Taking system and Bagodan cuts that area off completely (except though a low sec route though Tash-Murkon. If Bagodan is taken this system becomes more important as explained below. As its an orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

81 points of horror

Bagodan - **This system has became a lot more important due to the loss of Niarja. The only high sec route to the Empire now is though Devoid. Once in domain the quickets way to Amarr Prime is though Bagodan. If Bagodan is taken the route is a lot, lot, lot longer! If Armala is taken as well, there is no high sec route anymore. In addition Bagodan is the HQ of the HZO refinery. As its an orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

243 Dread points!

Niarja We all knew this one was going to make the list. The only link between the allied empires of Amarr and Caldari and the main link between the most popular markets of Jita and Amarr. Big implications in the lore and for players

In terms of gateway system this is by far the worst one to loose…
Still plenty more chaos to be caused!


Capital region of the Gallente, though as it is reasonably small you will be relieved to hear … just kidding, this region could get burned badly!

3 inconvenience points

Deninard – One of the only O1 stars in the high sec only stage of chapter 1 the trigs took interest in. But that is not why it’s important; its on the boarders of CONCORD space

9 pain points

Aporulie – From the lore a lot of people live in this system and the surrounding constellation.

Caslemon – Losing this system would split Essence in two. There are ways round it like though Sinq Liaison and the Citadel… if the Caldari are feeling generous.
Update: Saved!!!

81 points of horror

Mesybier – This would really make a mess of things. Now it wouldn’t technically split the region, the link between the two halves is faction warfare space. But worst of all it cuts off access to HighSec Placid including the important system of Orvolle. I mean the scope is HQ’d there, come on! As its an orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

243 Dread points!

Villore – Now you may think Luminaire is the Gallente capital, but technically its Villore there the senate is held. I mean maybe the senate could move as could the supreme court, but even then, it is an important link and much of the essence would be fragmented and hard to get around. Also said to be one of the most populated systems in the federation so evacuation would be tricky.


Yep, this is a bad one!

9 inconvenience points

Jaschercis – Again according to the lore a highly populated system in highly populated constellation. Also contains a regional gate to Sinq Liaison.

81 points of horror

Atlanins - If you imagine Everyshore as a butterfly with massive wings a tiny body… Atlanins is that tiny body. Atlanins gets taken and the region is split in half in a spectacular manner! I mean the right half could just become part of Sinq Liaison, the left… maybe Essence or Genesis? Anyway, losing this system would be a serious pain. Also HQ for Impetus, and who doesn’t like Holo reels?

Carirgnottin Not only would this cut off a nice corridor between CONCORD, the Amarr and the Gallente but its also contains the HQ’s for two major Gallente research corporations. Ever heard of CreoDron and Duvolle Laboratories Well most your Gallente ships come from them so you should help them out.

Mannar – The lesser known fourth Gallente bloodline has their homeworld here. You may not have heard of them but they exist.

The Forge

Well this one is obvious, but I will add a fair few honourable mentions first and a couple of 9 pointer first

Honourable mentions

Vouskiaho , Soshin , Gekutami & Otela HQs for Expert Intervention, Zumari Force Projection, Prompt Delivery & Expert Housing respectively. Maybe Prompt Delivery should be a bigger one, depending on how much weigh you put on getting your deliveries on time :smiley:
Otela is has been taken recently and is said to be a founding system of for the famous RvB Alliance! Go save/invade it capsuleers! Soshin is a orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

Finally there is Otomainen which is a part of the Caldari COSMOS constellation and Wuos which plays a recuring role in the Caldari Epic Arc.

9 pain points
** Poinen ** - Internal Security’s (Nugoeihuvi station’s police) only system and also contains a station said to be the Nugoeihuvi’s “Shadow HQ”. I think the Caldari underworld would have a big shakeup if this system were taken. Plays a large role in the Caldari Epic Arc.

9 points of pain
Osmon - Didnt know about this one myself but its an important ice belt mining site with a disporpotenite number of ice belts spawning, the only caldari system with a level 4 Sisters of Eve agent and a good route to Germinite. Did I mention system shares the same name as the Osmon family? Yep the same family that runs the Hyasyoda megacorporation!

177,147 Monster points!!

Jita – [Insert essay here]. Also next to New Caldari. Don’t worry I do not think this system would be taken without a special event.


A safe region, depending what happens with CONCORD and you don’t plan on visiting the eve gate.

9 pain points

Angur and Djimame do you want to visit the New Eden system? Well you have to cross Angur and Djimame, so imagine how much harder that will be if the trigs plunk one of their liminalities in the way? Also Angus has a unique Hollow Asteroid. Dijimame is an orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

81 points of horror

Shera - New one to the list. Other than though the Derelik/Devoid High sec space way, the only easy way to avoid low sec when going to Amarr is though the this Genesis system as there is only one low sec system in the way; Vecamia. But you guessed it, Shera is a liminal candidate.

177,147 Monster points!

Yulai (and other CONCORD systems) – Yeah this would be quite bad, but could it happen outside of an event. I mean who would defend it… the Gallente, Amarr, or all 4 Empires?


A single painful site but otherwise safe.

Honourable mention

Sist - HQ of the Forty-Nine Fedayeen

81 points of horror

Vullat ­ – Losing Vullat is bad for 2 reasons. The most obvious is it lengths the journey between Rens and Hek. Second, the HQ for Genolution is now in this system…. Do you really want the Trigs to get hold of Jovian tech or secrets?


We now start to get into the regions starting with K… the most popular letter to start a region within Empire Space

Honourable mention

Kothe Home of the Bragian Order. Also Kothe and Sonma are blue stars that are part of the Trigentia Constellation! I mean what I perfect name for Triglavian space :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also the Araz Constellation famous for being the centre of Takmahl Empire of old and is part of the Amarr COSMOS and contains 4 liminal stars! That said will we really be allowed to wreck a COSMOS site?

3 inconvenience points

Kasi Blocks off two constellations

Jakri , Garisas , Koona , Munory – are all part of the Amarr COSMOS constellation of Araz. Question is can these systems be taken or are they outside the remit of this event. If so they it will be interesting to find out what the Triglavians make of the Takmahl.

Aband ­ - Always wanted to be in a band… anyway this system is important as it’s the only high sec way in to the aforementioned Amarr COMOS sites.
UPDATE: Saved by Edencom!

9 pain points

Askonak - It contains the Inherent implants HQ, a rather important company, so it’s best not to lose this system

Romi All roads lead to Romi? It’s a system that acts kind of as a high way for domain, so loosing it would make travel slower. Given the loss of Niaja there may be a lot more traffic coming down this system.


Well, luckily the Trigs lost a key opportunity here, but there is still lots of chaos to be caused. Lots of blue stars!

3 inconvenience points

Moniyyuku Not the best route into Khanid but loosing this system would cut off 2 regional gates from Kor-Azor.

9 pain points

Ervekam - Like Moniyyuku but no null sec to cross. If this were lost there is only one other high sec only route to though Khanid.

27 anguish points

Geztic Technically there us little difference this system or Ervekam. What’s special about Geztic is The True Immortal, one of Eve Online’s great mysteries. Nobody knows who is in stasis on that invincible Caldari shuttle floating around and interacting with the star… but if that star goes liminal the consequences could be grave… or not! I mean it could be a Fedo or something.

243 Dread points!

Kihtaled So the Trigs cannot take Khanid Prime as its not a liminal star, but they can do one better; take the only connecting star Isolating Khanid Prime from the rest of the universe. Also it’s the HQ of the Royal Khanid Navy so I would imagine the whole region is pretty stuffed at that point.


Mostly safe, apart from one tiny, really, important system

Honourable mention

Polfaly contains an Imperial Data Centre

3 inconvenience points

Imih & Enal – Would lead to the region being cut in half… but that doesn’t seem a biggy. To stay in highsec areas in this system you to jump regions anyway as the middle of Kor-Azor is all low sec

9 pain points

Zinkon few systems connect from Empire space to Aridia so loosing this would cut off Aridia even more.

243 Dread points!

Kor-Azor Prime – The only Amarr family capital system to get its own page in the fiction portal! The fact its been tweeted about recently makes me think its end could be in sight,

And it is just one jump away from Amarr Prime. All in all, a system you do not want to lose.


The last of the Caldari Systems and lots of it has already fallen to the Trigs. I wonder if they will just move in, take the whole thing region and be done with it. Anyway what’s left to take:

Honourable Mentions

Autama - Seituoda Taskforce Command HQ, another one of those Dust 514 companies.

3 Inconvenience points

Uemisaisen & Iidoken Simply put these are important junctions. Loosing the will lead to longer travel times. Losing both be even worse. But with the loss of Kino recently their importance is lesser. Lidoken is a orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

9 pain points

Elonaya Both the Ytiri HQ (you know those guys who have a logo that looks awfully Triglavian) and a key route to pure blind and the highsec part of Black Rise. It also forms part of what seems to be Kaalakiota Corporation’s personal constellation (yep every Megacorp seems to have one) so loosing Elonaya would chop up their fiefdom.


Biggest Minmatar system, also with the most to lose

Honourable mentions

Earwik part of an exceptionally long ring road that makes up much of Metropolis. Losing it would break up that road but there are other ways round it

Barkrik Part of the COSMOS site, but can it really be taken?

3 Inconvenience points

Yrmori To lose Yrmori would be to amputate 2 constellations off Metropolis that lead to Germinate and the Great Wildlands, though there are low sec routes though Molden Heath that could also get you there. Yrmori is also HQ to the Leisure Group and contains the Forlorn hope site. Yrmori is a orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

Eldjaerin and Eurgrana – Both are on the only path between Germinate and Metropolis. The Eldjaerin contains the Dust Mercenary Cooperation Vherokior Combat Logistics while Eurgrana contains house Arkombine and a unique site known as the Waste Yard.

Hodrold – In the path of the regional gate between Metropolis and The Great Wildlands. There are only two direct links between the Thukker Tribe and the rest of the Minmatar and this is one of them.

81 points of horror

Elgoi – Lots of reasons why this system is important. It is a jump away from Eram, the Sebiestor Tribe home system, and would effectively make travel between that system and the other important Metropolis systems longer. Elgoi is the only link between the kind of important Argeir constellation. But worse of all its HQ for Eifyr and Co who make tons of the stuff you folks take for granted. In fact Eifyr and Co only have two stations so this would be a real blow. In fact, the Draugur seems to have been mostly designed here so this system is a key part in the fight.

Arlulf – Contains a key regional gate between Heimatar and Metropolis, and only a couple of jumps from the Minmatar Parliament at Illuin. But most importantly it contains the HQ for the Republic Justice Department a large cooperation dedicated to defeating the Amarrians… although then again the Minmatar’s loss may be an Amarr gain…

Illuin – A key crossroad, but most importantly the republic parliament and a meeting place between the tribes…. People need government you know!

Molden Heath

The last of the Minmatar systems and supposedly the least important. Interestingly it has a lot of A0 blue stars, 3 of which form part of the that famous Molden Heath ring. If ever the Trigs wanted a weird magic cauldron this would be it.

Honourable mention

Skarkon contains a link to the Ethereum Reach, this system has shown up in most the recent articles over that past few months. There was an invasion here, but it seemed to time out, so I believe CCP has plans for this system. Fallen!

3 points of inconvenience

Osvetur and Weld – Remember that right road I mentioned? Well taking any of these two systems would turn the ring into 2 lines.

9 pain points

Gelfiven – Home of Native Freshfood an important Mimatar food company, it also has 10 stations and is only a jump from the Vherokior capital of Teonusude . It is also a known high sec staging areas for those delving into the low sec dephs of Molden Heath
Update: Saved!!!


Not actually much of interest here if you forget about the Faction Warfare zones. All potential liminal stars who are a pest

Sinq Liaison

A big well-connected system with less opportunities for disruption; but there are a few important places

3 points of inconvenience

Rancer – Very inconvenient for pirates. Even criminals need to make a living

Goinard Despite the funny name it’s a low sec junction between Essence and Everyshore, Sinq Liaison and Domain. This is a orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable for sure.

9 pain points

Audaerne, Jolia and Parchanier – All part of the Algintal COSMOS constellation experience so no idea of the are viable for invasion, though equally annoying for the same reason if they are. Algintal Core dust corp lives on Jolia. Also highly populated. Audaerne is a orangy yellow type of G5 star we still don’t know if it is liminal capable.


Small system with no blue stars but two painful points given how isolated it is.

3 points of inconvenience

Pertnineere There are only 4 regional gates in Solitude, and this contains one of them. Saved!

81 points of horror

Faurulle A surprisingly bad one for a low sec system. As mentioned, Solitude only has 4 regional gates. This system blocks off two of them, including the only one not from Syndicate. To make matters worse the other two are linked to a single system in Syndicate Y9G-KS . If Y9G-KS is camped by pirates there is no easy way in or out of Solitude! If Pertnineere is taken as well then that makes things even worse.


Last Amarr region our on list and under the Tash-Murkon family has become the most prosperous bar maybe Domain. Well what goes what goes up can come down…

Honourable mentions

Ferira – Has a Imperial Data Center for all you imperial bounty hunters

Marthia – Home of the Royal Uhlans

9 pain points

Mimime Only a right Meanie would attack Mimime! It is the only gate between Tash-Murkon and Khanid and one for the quickest routes between Khanid Prime and the Amarr Prime. But Khanid is one of these systems is easily in danger of being cut off given the number of blue stars it has in High sec so this gate could become a lifeline you do not want to lose.

27 points of anguish

Jarzalad – I previously put this higher on my list but have reconsidered. It does block off a lot off the Somi super highway of systems, but that constellation mainly services Domain. Still it cuts a lot of region gates off from Tash-Murkon.

243 Dread points!

Tash-Murkon Prime – The Tash-Murkon capital and much like Kor-Azor Prime it’s close to Amarr. The Current Heir comes from the Tash-Murkon family so thats added embarrassment. Also contains a key regional gate and is known as a minor trade hub. What’s not to love!

Verge Vendor

Last region! In terms of the invasion the most interesting thing about this region is its proximity to CONCORD, but otherwise its insignificant bar maybe the faction warfare.

3 points of inconvenience

Scolluzer Firstly this is a crossroad between 4 different branches of Verge Vendor including 1 that leads to syndicate. Secondly the only other way to go between Verge Vendor East and West and not go through a faction warzone or CONCORD space is though here.

Right so there you have it! Have I missed out systems? Almost certainly! But I hope this helps know what you are fighting for…. Or against.


Ealur should get some points for history:

and Tash-Murkon for being the origin House of the current Empress, of course.

Gelfiven is the hisec staging system for a lot of people who operate in MH (Teonusude bein, a pain in the ass for various reasons).


:red_circle: I guarantee you that CCP will manually put Niarja as invasion before it can hit Serenity.


My home with 3 ice belts is in Angymonne.
That’s really a bummer. :unamused:

Welcome to the Collective, Brother.

What happens when CCP goes into Chapter 11? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Brilliant, just added those in. Moved Ealur from honourable to 3 points. I didn’t consider that there is still a high population of Ealur in that system having been spread thoughout the Empire but I think it has key symbolic value

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:red_circle: Otelen would be a key access system for Bleak Lands that, if it turned TrigMV, would cut off Bleak Lands from Amarr Empire as Gammel (the only other entry into the area via Devoid’s Hati system) is already a TrigMV and Raravoss fell to Loom already. The other entries into the region are direct low sec connections which means nothing would change if they turned. Not sure how Amarr would like that since they can just barely hold back the Blood Raiders in the region.

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Otelen is an Orange which so far does not seem to be able to go liminal. Of course the event could always change in the future to include orange stars or could become a trig minor victory

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No… for Otela… its endless pain… its home of red vs blue Red Federation. Its a decade tradition… diamond layout with liekuri poinen and jos systems are RvB space. We had mooved rvb back to otela and liekuri last week… to tinker about its future… CCP messing a place with great historical value on pilots memories …
This is just great damage to us and CCP officially ruin all our efforts to bring RvB back

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Read my prior post please … we are loosing otela… we did our best … but numbers were not enough … otelen has ice belt… invasion not only depend on stars colours but also ice belts

To be exact, the 177.147 monster points on the quote is for Jita. They listed Otela under honorable mentions but didn’t deem it worthy of any pain rating.

RvB would thrive living in such a system…

Imagine living somewhere that you can engage anyone that comes to your home!

Yeah… the only reason I mentioned Otela is the expert housing HQ… and even then, how important an NPC corp is expert housing? Even its desciption make them sound lackluster.

But, ok will add that Otela is historically important for RvB!

Anywhere else I have missed?

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RVB live and thrive in high sec …

EVE Online is about adapting…

Welcome to EVE.

Ilm Gaterau appears to have been talking about Otelen, not Otela… very similar names.

:slight_smile: you know one second i shamed and turn into tomato after i read what you wrote :)) but no my friend … check this :

I’m afraid I did mean Otela :frowning:

@bluelysian Allways happy to add extra detail!

Ok according to the Caldari Epic Arc, Poinen is kind of the NOH’s shadow capital so I am gonna raise it to 9 points!

Check subsheet ‘System Info’ Column AI ‘Star Phase Transition Visuals (Trigs Only?)’.
If it is 0 you can mark the systems as pretty safe, not liminaly capable.

There are a host of other parameter that will keep a system from being chosen, after the consistancy/symmetry patch, and make it not flip before the patch. These are mainly got to do with not interferring too much with programmed content and dont care much about our meta.

PS - Jita is liminaly capable but might not be picked for invasion even thou it technically has little unique programmed content, its just too important?