Stronghelm Corp [STHMC] 0.0, PVE/PVP - Blow stuff up: Ships, Rocks, Moons. Build things: Caps, Keepstars, Corpse Collections


Stronghelm Corporation is a casual, laid back, low stress corporation whom is a member of the 2500+ member alliance [SLYCE] Solyaris Chtonium as well as the 10,000+ member Dead Coalition. We have our fingers in all areas of EvE including Mining, Industry, Exploration and PVP. We own our own [SOV] Sovereignty systems in Deklein where we have access to 168 moons, 38 fantastic mining belts including an ice belt, 34 planets with the ability to make T4 PI components and highly profitable and nearly limitless combat sites and complexes.

For those interested in PVP. We took part in the war against the Imperium and have daily alliance and coalition sponsored PVP fleets. Our alliance has skilled FC’s and a training program for learning how to PVP. We also encourage our PVP oriented members to participate in the NPSI community. Our mature members enjoy socializing with like minded players who don’t take politics to seriously. As an example if a corp member is in one NPSI fleet and that fleet meets another NPSI fleet with a corp member in it we aren’t afraid to take shots at each other and have a laugh about it later.

We do fly big boy toys but we primarily enjoy small or large gang PVP in Low, Null or W Sec. However we are also PVE friendly, and all of us take part in some form of PVE to make ISK to buy ships and support the corporation. We are new player friendly and are here to offer advice to help make your new player experience the best you can. We are most active during US and EU timezones.

What we offer:

  • Friendly low stress PVP/PVE corp membership
  • Null Sec SOV ownership and Alliance Membership in [SLYCE] Solyaris Chtonium
  • Fully upgraded systems with Level 5 ore and mining upgrades.
  • Capital and Super Cap Building.
  • Moon rental programs for corp members to rent their own private moons.
  • A corporate Keepstar owned by Stronghelm.
  • Access to 168 moons with the ability to moon mine.
  • Access to a fantastic 38 mining belts (plus and ice belt) and 34 planets with the ability to make T4 PI components and highly profitable and nearly limitless combat sites and complexes.
  • Freedom to do as you want
  • PVP/PVE players who don’t stress the little things
  • Low Tax Rate of 1% (0% PI)
  • Opportunity to be involved in corp leadership and planning
  • Appreciation for what you offer the corp
  • No worries if you want to spend the day mining or building your industrial empire, we have to make isk somewhere.
  • Station Offices, Citadels Refineries and Engineering Complexes offering full industrial including: Manufacturing, Material/Time Research, Copying, Invention.
  • Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for Alliance doctrine ships.
  • Top Killboard of Month Prizes.
  • Rewards for Industrialists who help the corp.
    Freedom to fly, shoot and hunt where you want.

What we want:

  • People willing to fly doctrine ships and defend our space when needed
  • Capital pilots with 25 mil skill points
  • Regular and active monthly CTA, Redpen, Strat Op fleet participation
  • Folks who are active on teamspeak and with their corp and alliance members
  • People interested in both PVE and PVP in nullsec
  • PVE ratters who are willing to defend the home system
  • PVE industrialists who are the backbone of any good PVP corp
  • Mature laid back members who can have a laugh when they lose a ship
  • Fun folks with a sense of humor
  • Ability to find things to do and operate independently
  • We have room for people interested in FCing.
  • Prefer 21+ but mature younger folks can apply

We Are Open to Experienced Active Players who enjoy being on Teamspeak and participating in Alliance and Coalition Fleets
If your looking to join a great corp, join the Stronghelm Corporation.


For more information join our Discord:
or Evemail: Tommas Crowbarius
or visit our in game channel “Stronghelm Corp"

Fun fact #1: Two members of Stronghelm took part in the 2017 AT Tournament XV Team for SLYCE Alliance.

Example of one of the tournament games below:

Fun fact #2: Stronghelm is the only corp in SLYCE Alliance that built and own our own Keepstar!

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Fun fact, two members of Stronghelm took part in the 2017 AT Tournament XV Team for SLYCE Alliance.

Example of one of the tournament games below:

If your looking to join a great corp, join the Stronghelm Corporation by stopping by our public channel.

Stronghelm providing a safe stable home for both PVPers and PVEers! Join us by visiting our public channel and talking to a recruiter.

Still recruting? Looking for a new Corp since unitas (kos) was closed.

Im interested to join will stop at recruitment channel when i log in today lf guristas rats and deffence

Yes we are still open for recruitment, please stop by our public channel and talk to a recruiter.

Recruitment is still open. Come say Hello in our channel

Come see our new Keepstar, built by the hard work of our members!

Recruitment is back Open , come join the fun!


Would like to give this topic another bump up.
Join our ingame channel and lets have a chat.
EU & US timezoners are welcome!

Stronghelm is a recommendation if you are looking for a corporation that is self sufficient in a lot of ways. As a player in this corp you can really devote your playtime in to building up your own stockpile of assets and isk.

The players in this corp are very supportive. Its this small gem inside this huge pile of corporations to choose from.

Not to forget to mention that although a big part of our members are probably concidered ‘carebear with teeth’ - and by that they mean really big teeth (dont get me wrong!) - there are some really skilled and PVP focussed players in the corp too!


I’ve been with Stronghelm for a couple of months, now, and I am very happy to be here. I’m pretty picky when it comes to who I will fly with, having seen a lot of very good and also very bad corporations over the years. Stronghelm are good people. Plus we’re having a ton of fun flying with our alliance-mates in SLYCE.

Looking for fun in 0.0 with people you can trust will have your back? Check out Stronghelm.

We’re SLYCE fleet officers, weird is part of the job.

Stronghelm is recruiting again. We are open to new and experienced players, swing by our channel for more information.

Stronghelm is recruiting PVP and industrial players, stop by our channel for more information and an interview.

um so you say in every post to join your ingame channel… but never list your ingame channel :wink:

i’m lookin for a home…

Stronghelm is recruiting, you can contact me via eve mail or in our in game channel “Stronghelm Corp”

Bump still looking for new and old player in all timezone who want to have some fun in 0.0. We offer PvP,Mining Ratting.So come join us :grimacing: