Sturmgrenadier Inc [SGHQ] is looking for new members


Sturmgrenadier Inc [SGHQ] is looking for new members in their null-sec and wormhole operations.

SGHQ is part of the Pandemic Horde alliance. So, we are very new play friendly, but also a more mature part of the Horde. So, be careful gaming veterans out there, SGHQ might be the last group of players you’ll join ever!

We have very regular fleets in null-sec along with Pandemic Horde[/url]. With the Horde, you can really do anything. Our focus is on:

  • A very established industry platform in null-sec as well. We are happy to show you the indsutrial ways and are owners of yummy BPOs that you can piggy-back on.
  • Also, we recently refurbished our wormhole with HS and C4 static that offers content every day and we can show you the ways of krabbing so that the ISK will flow well for you.

Please feel free to PM me, but also our recruiting lead and CEO Sturmgrenadier ingame. And drop by SG Recruiting for all the rest.

Fly safe,
Mad Mabata

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