Styx Defence Tech -Looking for pilots!

Friendly helpful mature corp…

  • A new company that will operate in the best interest of their members.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • Veterans with a lot om knowledge of the game.
  • Living by NRDS.
  • No piracy or scamming allowed in this corp.
  • Member of a great 0.0 alliance in Providence.

Recruiting pilots who speaks English. The core of the corporation is EU TZ and US TZ based,
Looking for pilots that want to be here from the start to
create a great company with balance between pve, pvp and industry.

Seeking EU and US players that want to be social.
Socializing is an important thing in New Eden if we want to succeed.

Short-term goals: Get a nice group of capsuleers together and have fun.
Long-term goals: Have fun in a place we can call home…

A working Headset required to join.

If you want a laid back, fun time and you have access to null space and do what you want, this is it.
Great corp for people that cannot play all the time or have heavy demands in RL, we understand!

Recruitment channel: STYXT Recruitment

CORP Discord: []

Join up for some good social flying!

Want to be social and fly in Providence? We’re looking for pilots.

We are still looking. :wink:

Want to play laid back? Join us.

Looking for you who wants to have a chill gameplay in Providence, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Hey! Styx Defence Tech is looking for laid-back pilots for gameplay in Providence. Ratting/mining/PVP (NRDS)/whatever…

We are still looking

Come and fly with us. :wink:

Be a member of a good PVP/PVE/Industry corp! We’re looking for pilots!

Be a part of our company. Small corp looking for pilots that wants to chill out and have a good time and want to help the corp grow. We do PvE, some PvP and industry and a little mining.

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