Subtlety Is Not Our Specialty [5INO5] Is Recruiting!

Subtlety Is Not Our Specialty [5INO5] is a new and developing player friendly corporation based around exploration, teaching people the game and making buckets of isk whilst enjoying your time in a relaxed environment. So whether you are new to the game or looking for a chill corporation to have fun and make new friends with, come check us out in 5INO5 Pub.

What do we provide;

Freight Service
Free Starter T1 Exploration Frigates and Fittings, as well as Skill planning to help you develop your characters abilities
Opportunity to develop in all aspects of the game

So join 5INO5 Pub or contact one of the recruiters below:
blaine 899



I am a new recruiter for this corporation, we are still looking for explorers!


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