SUBZER0 Corporation is recruiting!

SUBZER0 Corporation is looking for the young and old of EVE to join them in hisec.

We are a Hisec Corp involved in many aspects of EVE-online. We have two Citadels, one for refining in a good mining system and one for Market Trading in a good Hisec location. We are also the founding corp of V-Tech Alliance which is a hisec industrial alliance.

We have no minimum requirements and nothing is mandatory. You are not required to be on voice comms unless PVP is involved and if you like you can just get on with your own thing and not get involved at all. It really is that relaxed and hopefully we have something for everyone.

If interested please do one of the following…

Apply to join
Send me a mail
Join our forums
reply to this post.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Interest is high but we still want lots more new members :wink:


Recruitment is still open!!

Growing nicely. Anyone else interested?

Still looking for new recruits. Join us now!

Why not come and join us!!