U2NG is looking for a few good members 0.0 Corp

Care Bears with teeth

We are reforming our corp and wanting to grow again.

What we can offer you:
A Corporation that has been around for over 9 years.
We own our space, we are not renters.
A mature and social environment to enjoy Eve in.
Not stuffy. We do laugh and have a good time.
Teamspeak that is normally active and friendly.
The Alliance has Corporations and members from all over the world.
An opportunity to meet a very diverse group of people from all over the world.
Forums packed with useful information on every aspect of Eve life.
Players that have been in Eve a long time, and are more than happy to share there knowledge with you.
0.0 Belts and Drone Rats to feed your building wants and needs.
An active and vibrant market in 0.0 (Etherium Reach).
Capital Fleets with good FC’s.
Roaming gangs to feed your need for pew pew.
We do realize there is this strange place called real life that people also live in also.

What we ask of you:
Loyalty, Fidelity, Honor & Team Spirit!
A minimum of 8 million skill points (This is to help you survive in 0.0.)
The skill points can be wavered depending on your skill path and current abilities.
Exceptions made for other specialty ships.
The ability to be self sufficient.
No pirating activities and no smack talk in local.
Fleet operation usually include a no talk in local policy.
Mandatory Home Defense Policy ( You come in our yard we will set the dogs on you )
A full API will also be required to verify account

If interested please contact us.
We can arrange a TS Q&A.

Public Channel: U2NG

Our Alliance (IRC) is also recruiting entire corporations.

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