Sons Of 0din

Sons Of 0din has returned, and we are growing well. We are looking for drama free players who want a relaxed and friendly community to join. Wether you like to fly solo or in fleets, we dont mind. We are based in hisec but do ops all over New Eden.
Mission, mining, pvp, wormholes, whatever you want to do, you can join in here with no demands on your time or play style. All timezones accepted, and all skill levels including totaly new players looking for their first corporation.

Contact me in game, post here or just apply.

We are recruiting people of any experience, any career path. Our main aim is to build a great community that have fun and enjoy the game and corporation.

newbies, vets, returning players, all welcome

Recruiting. We are not just building a corp, we are building a community.

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still looking!

freindly bbump!

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Dear @Rico_Minali i woot like to have a confo whit you
here is our discord Hanging By A Threat lets have a talk