SuckerPunch Inc. looking for new and old players [NullSec] [PVP] [PVE]

SuckerPunch Inc. is a pvp corp based in Null Sec (Great Wildlands)

We are very mature players looking to create a corp for like minded pvpers or pilots willing to learn pvp.

SuckerPunch Inc. Killboard

Isk is easily made from running the 6/10, 7/10 and 10/10 sites in the region most of our pilots are making a good 2B+ isk a month from just a 20 minute run every day or two.

We also own a number of good moons for those who prefer to mine.

We aim to cover all timezones but are made up of primarily EU timezone members. Our only restriction as a corp is that you must conduct yourself with honour at all times, this means no scamming (trade contracts, etc) and if you offer a ransom you must honour it. Beyond that anything goes; Suicide Ganking, etc.

What we are looking for:

  • Easy going pilots with a desire to PvP
  • Active Communications (i.e. get on comms and talk to us)
  • Regular participation
  • We expect pilots to achieve 5 kills per month (we are a PvP corp after all)
  • There are no minimum SP requirements

If your interested in joining us or have any questions you can contact Ebonyte in game or join our public channel Sucker Punch Pub for more info.

Still looking for a couple more pilots.

We offer: A great pvp environment, Ship replacement for pvp losses and access to R64 moons with no tax.

Come and chat to us in our public channel Sucker Punch Pub for more info.

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