Sudden-Impact - nullsec corp recruiting all professions

(Yandz) #1

Recruiting players from all backgrounds - pvp, pve, industrialists.

Sudden-Impact operates as a null security corporation within a collective group that form Solyaris Chtonium alliance.
We base our operations out of sovereign owned systems in the region of Deklein. We are members of GOTG coalition.

Our current position opens a wealth of content, including:

-Alliance and coalition wide pvp fleets running multiple times daily.
-2 exclusive corp maintained systems with fully upgraded military for excellent pve.
-Full Mining upgrades for the industry focused.
-Citadels, Engineering complexes with upgrades for manufacturing.
-Close proximity to NPC regions for good exploration content.
-Corporate freight logistics to and from high security space.
-Corporate buyback program for ore, minerals, ice product and PI.
-Discounted ship hulls up to and including carriers and dreadnoughts
-5% tax

Requirements for joining:

-10m skill points
-teamspeak, microphone
-full acount wide api key
-out of game communications (Discord, Slack)

Public channel :- Sudden-Impact
Recruitment contact :- Yandz

To get in contact with us, visit our public channel for a chat or feel free to send myself a mail.

(Yandz) #2

Reruitment still open for players of all walks.

(Yandz) #3

Tons of pvp content to be had at this time, use our excellent space to fill your wallets.

(Yandz) #4

recruitment still open

(Yandz) #5

recruitment still open

(Yandz) #6

Recruitment still open

(Yandz) #7

Recruitment still open

(Hexian Aurilen) #8

I may be interested would like to hear more about you guys and what you do?

(Yandz) #9

Recruitment still open

(Yandz) #10

Recruitment still open

(Yandz) #11

Recruitment still open

(Yandz) #12

Recruitment still open