Suddenly Spaceless is recruiting!

Suddenly Spaceless is a null security corp and is recruiting English spoken, preferable EU/US TZ.

We are the main corp to the Alliance Literally Triggered and part of Winter Coalition , one of biggest coalitions of New Eden.
We offer:

  • A great community with experienced pilots willing to help

  • NPC Nullsec

  • Small/medium corp PVP fleets

  • Big Coalition PVP fleets

  • PVE / Mining opportunities

  • Industrial services and infrastructure

  • Coalition Jump Freighter Service

  • No drama

  • Ship fittings/doctrines

  • Not War Eligible


  • Active player(s)

  • No Skill points requirements, but we prefer +10M

  • Preferably Null players or willing to come to Null

  • Team play

  • Maturity

  • Working microphone -> Discord & Mumble

Join our in-game channel: LTRIG

Discord : Suddenly Spaceless/LTRIG

Direct message in-game: Hila Kashada or Be Awkward

Hope to welcome you soon!


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