Suddenly Spaceless - Nullsec Corporation

Suddenly Spaceless is a Nullsec Corporation and member of KAOS Unlimited.

We are recruiting English spoken pilots.

We have a mature & no drama player base. We expect our members to bond together and create a community, we’d like to keep it small/medium and friendly :slight_smile:

We offer:

β˜… Jump Freighter Service
β˜… A great community with experienced pilots willing to help
β˜… NPC Nullsec
β˜… Small/medium gangs
β˜… PVE / Mining opportunities available so that you can fund the PVP and be self sufficient.
β˜… Industrial support
β˜… Discounted ships and Free Capital ship program

β˜… 10M SP, Exceptions can be made depending on your sens of humour.
β˜… Maturity
β˜… Team play
β˜… Full API
β˜… Voice comms (TS3) & Offline chat (Discord)

Feel free to send me a private message or join our Public Channel linked in corp description, you can also join our Discord channel :

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How to disturb a 100 man’s fleet formup : warp with your T1 cruiser to their Levi and decloak it XD
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