Suggested Changes to ESI Endpoint access for Corporate Mining Ledger

CCP Below is the corporate mining ledger endpoint, can I make 2 suggestions. First, this endpoint requires accountant. There are no bills to pay, can we change the requirement to Junior Accountant please?

Second, can we pass a time/date range in the request so we can request this information in a particular window of time?

Observed corporation mining

Paginated record of all mining seen by an observer

Alternate route: /dev/corporation/{corporation_id}/mining/observers/{observer_id}/

Alternate route: /legacy/corporation/{corporation_id}/mining/observers/{observer_id}/

Alternate route: /v1/corporation/{corporation_id}/mining/observers/{observer_id}/

This route is cached for up to 3600 seconds

Requires one of the following EVE corporation role(s): Accountant

Please make a feature request here for esi changes*:

Also, the role requirement is exactly what EVE itself requires you to have. TechCo cannot change the endpoint requirement without a commensurate change implemented by Game Design to change it ingame. Aside from any endpoints that are still requiring the excessive Director+ role requirements despite ingame requiring lesser or no roles, all corporate endpoints respect any role requirements that are required ingame.

*github issues for feature requests are easier for TechCo because it allows much easier/quicker feedback from those employees and us AppDevs. It’s also integrated into the tweetfleet slack (search fuzzysteve’s fuzzworks site for it), where you’ll find a lot of us will discuss the endpoints, esi itself, and watch as a particular Techie goes on and on about his country’s politics :stuck_out_tongue:


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