SUMO Industries looking for EU/US pilots


SUMO industry is looking for new/experienced players in EVE.

Who are we?
We run the corporation with 3 CEO’s with experience regarding Industry, Fleet command & PVP.
It let the corp grow 3 times as fast as well. And now we are dividing roles and discovering leadership talents among the members.

We believe that no matter who you are, in EVE we treat each other with respect. And everybody should profit.

What do we do?
We are an industry-based corporation with the mind set on supplying war resources for our goals or future allies. We are currently still in high-sec to help rookies get ready for low-sec and understand the fleet activities better. We are also looking for pilots with PVP experience for escorts.
We also offer the following fleet experience’s:

We now have a healthy balance of new players and experienced players. Multiple Fleet commanders and a active discord server to make the picture complete.

  1. Mining boosts & compression daily
  2. Low sec mining weekly
  3. Faction warfare and low sec roams weekly
  4. Abbyssal farming

Operation times
Half our current members come from either the US or EU so there will be a 16h time window with active players.


  • Active at least once a week.
  • The motivation to help others.
  • You finished all career agents.

Pro’s but not required:

  • You finished the sisters of eve epic arc and been in-game for a few days
  • Helping the rookies learn the ropes in area’s of content.

(These requirements might change in the future)

How to contact:
Either send me a DM in-game / EVE mail to either one of these people :smile:
-Alex heartfelt
-Bleverie en distel
-Jorah Newstone

We are still looking for more :smile:

At 50 members now in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Edited some requirements.

Still have some room for rookies but we are looking for experienced players aswell.

We got some room left for more :smiley:

Got some content going on in the upcoming days and still got room for new additions to the corp. :innocent:

We are still looking for more :smile:

Still looking for new/experienced pilots that are willing to join us.

:crazy_face: sumo went over 75 members. We have room for you!

Growing fast and still goinggg. Shoot us a dm if you got any questions :blush:

Still waiting for you to apply :grin:

Send me a DM if your online if you have any questions ^^

Also opened a chat channel now: SUMO pub

See you there :smiley:

91 members and growing :melting_face:

Still looking for new members to join our corp :innocent:

We got room for more :smiley:

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