Sunesis wrong spelling

Please correct the ship name. It is so sad to spell it wrong. It comes from the Greek word “Synesis” which is the right one.

… Synesis is a grammatical construct derived from the Greek word. Sunesis is the transliteration of the Greek word. They are different words.

Algos, Praxis, Gnosis and many others are ship names in EVE Online and are Greek words too. Synesis is a greek word but is misspelled in the game. Why not Synesis? They should correct it.

It’s a portmanteau of two words: “sun” (meaning to be gathered together with [someone]) and “nesis” (which is a collection of anything).

Transliterations (converting a word from one alphabet to another) are not perfect. There is not a ‘correct’ spelling in any other alphabet for the Greek word.

Synesis is also generally applied to a concept distinct from the literal Greek word that ‘sunesis’ represents.

I vote to call it pod racer

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It is misspelled and it should be Synesis. The Greek word (if this is the case and it probably is because of the series Apotheosis, Gnosis and Praxis) is Σύνεσις and the transliteration of it is Synesis.

Αποθέωσις - Apotheosis is the absolute admiration, admire someone or something like a god
Γνῶσις - Gnosis is the seeking of knowledge
Πράξις - Praxis is the result of doing something

Σύνεσις - Synesis is the quality of critical thinking without making a decision. It is the thinking that someone does when he has a decision to make. When you are able to make the decision the quality becomes Fronisis (Φρόνησις).

Synetos is the person that is thinking before he acts and Sofron is the person that makes his decision Praxis because he has Gnosis. At the end we must admire him or give him Apotheosis.

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