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Can you answer a question:

Is the Gnosis properly (not just game jargon) pronounce “Nosis” or “G-Nosis”? :thinking:

IMHO it doesn’t matter. If you are in comms, you just have to make sure what you are talking about.

But hey, there are dictionaries, so officially in English the “G” is silent: Gnosis Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

So take care of your noses.

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In English, Gnosis is pronounced in the same way as a gnome gnaws gnocchi.

Gnu should be pronounced “noo” but has been corrupted due to a Flanders and Swann song…

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I’m a Gnu, a gonother Gnu. I wish I could gnash my teeth at you!

The correct way of pronouncing it is in the way of the original language (and that is definitely not in the way that some people on this planet write “knife” and pronounce it as “naaif” by totally ignoring the poor “k” at the beginning of the word).

Gnosis or γνῶσις is an ancient Greek word meaning “knowledge” (in the spiritual sense), yet another one of those words where the “k” at the beginning of the word is completely ignored during pronunciation as if it were an outcast ! We protest vehemently against such treatment !!!

Therefore, the correct pronunciation, original Greek style, of a related word “gnothi” or γνῶθι, “know” as in γνῶθι σ(ε)αυτόν (know thyself), No more dropping of the “g”, no more “soft this and soft that”, but a proper place in communication that deserves some effort. Here is the correct way to make the distinction between an Anglo-saxon olfactory protrusion in the facial area and “knowledge”, exemplified by “gnosis” vs. “noses”, as you should “know” …

Whether the ship will bring you “knowledge”, or the ship knows something you do not, only time will tell.


Yes, you’re next.

The nose knows to stay out of the glass !


And hope your FC isn’t triggering your misophonia by crunching on cheetos, slurping pepsi, smacking their lips, sucking the cheese dust off their fingers and mouth breathing….

In fact, it’s damn near impossible to accurately convey any information when they are pulling that nonsense.

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