Surrounded by Wormholes is Recruiting

Hey we are Surrounded By Wormholes

What we have:
-c5 with a c4 static.
-Good infrastructure
-Epic Memes.
-Good fights.
-Good Indie program.
-Ore buy back program.
-Blue loot buy back program.
-Experienced pilots to help with fitting.
-A good doctrine with fits for new bros and old bros.
-A good community.

What we want from you:
-Don’t be an ass. And if you are one be a funy ass.
-Don’t be a know it all. We can teach stupid. We cannot teach a know it all.
-Do want to pvp. All the time.
-Have around 5 million sp just for general use around a wormhole.
-We will Train Newbros in a C2 Hole to prepare them for C5 Space.
-Be down for epic memes.

Join for more info

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