Swagger API Getting Started on Ruby and What is the Type ID

I have been using the SWAGGER API built on rails and running some of the test queries that are given in the MarkDown files in the doc folder. I have a couple of questions though after running them.

I do not seem to need to use my Client ID or Security Value to run them ? I created those in the CREATE APPLICATION part of the forum but they do not seem to be needed. Are these not required for SWAGGER ruby code ?

I am querying the market prices and there seems to be alot of reference to type_id. How do I translate this type_id into something useful. Searched this forum and someone had generated a type_id.txt file. Is there some more real time way if translating these type_ids ?


You don’t need a dev application if you’re only interacting with public endpoints. They only become required when you need to get an access_token to interact with authenticated endpoints.

In regards to type information, you would be best off using the SDE. @Steve_Ronuken providers conversions into various DB formats https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/dump/. Specifically the invTypes table.

Thankyou for that. I suspose the invTypes will not change that often , it will just be the Market Types so I can link to those. I just am working on my way round on ElasticSearch at the moment so looking at using that with Eve Online as more of a personal learning project. Checked your web site and will load up some of that info into Postgres then. Thanks for that.

So I took at look at the ruby code generated by swagger and I see some of the APIs ask for this access token. The generated swagger code does not have calls to get this access token but then I guess it would not.

I take it I need to write some ruby code to automate the curl steps here ?


It is recommended that you use a OAuth2 library to do the SSO part (instead of making your own).
Another options may be to use one of the existing ESI libraries:

Also, take a look at the documentation:

Thankyou. I will try the OAUTH2 libraries in ruby. Was trying Faraday and no luck and alot of the other ruby libraries are designed for Ruby on Rails rather than command line.

Thanks very much

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