Sweden got it's own florida men

(Rana Ash) #1

The article is in swedish, but the short story is that some people decided to BBQ inside an apartment, they used some flammable liquid and got badly burnt. Luckily they didn’t burn down the whole house, and had managed to put the fire out. Before the fire department got there, so i guess this is a case of swedes stealing ideas from florida :smiley:

But there are some conflicting statements, one said they where in the kitchen the other says they where on the balcony.

The article Two badly burnt

(Dyver Phycad) #2

Why don’t these dumb people perish through their foolish actions?

(Yiole Gionglao) #3

Darwin awards are difficult to earn, and some people are just too stupid to qualify for a Darwin.

(Dyver Phycad) #4

I think the conditions for earning the full benefits of Darwin Awards should be loosened so that more people can enjoy them to their fullest extend.

(Rana Ash) #5

After discussing the event with coworkers questions came up, how drunk where they and whoms idea was the flammable liquid?. Was it a joint decision or just the great idea of one participant… :smiley:

(Uriel the Flame) #6

Who unfortunately had to leave before the flaming was to start. :thinking: :smiling_imp: :fire:

(No this is not based on the article.)

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