[SWLP] Sharks With Lasers Pew Pew, RECON. Nullsec small corp. DroneLands

Sharks With Lasers Pew Pew [SWLP]: We are a small US time zone nullsec corp under the Reckless Contingency alliance and live in Malpais (Dronelands). Our alliance is involved in WWB so daily pvp fleets and structure bashes take place which you will be able to participate in over in Delve. We are looking for new and old players who are interested in living out in null. Our main focus is to help get players new or old to move to nullsec and get a better understanding of how to live out here and make more isk than in highsec.
Our corp and alliance zkill if this matters to you:

corp: Sharks With Lasers Pew Pew | Corporation | zKillboard

(Just click the alliance next the corp zkill if you want to see it, limited to 2 links in this so I had to remove the alliance one.)

benefits of living in Malpais: We are positioned in lower populated drone space only a few jumps from regional tradehub, and this means its more peaceful for ratting and mining while also making the market easily accessible. Our alliance has access to PanFam structures and
jump bridges along with low tax engineering complexes.

Feel free to join our corp discord and ask any questions that you may have about the corp. SWLP discord: https://discord.gg/zM4ughc
Also feel free to message Greenhairmonkey or Rakishi Aihaken ingame for information or join our ingame channel: SWLP PUB

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