T2 BP0s for sale

T2 BPOs for sale.

Mail me in game is the fastest way to reach me(or here)


Price for:

200mm Railgun II
Shield boost Amplifier II
Focused Medium Beam laser II

10 bill on shield boost amp

Mailed and thanks for the free bump SaberX

Price on Rocket BPOs?

Evemailed. Up we go.

Up we go :slight_smile:

Still alive and well. Say hi now and then :slight_smile:

10b on sheild boost amp

Eve-mailed with some questions

Still for sale.

up up

Price for:

100 MM Steel Plates II
650 MM Artillery Cannon II
Quake S Blueprint

Mailed. let me know./

up to the top.

Prices on 200mm Rail, Gleam and both Javelin BPOs please

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