T2 BPO + MORE - Kyoko Mart

I would like 525

Top the TOP!

Komodo Sold

To the TOP! Avatar Sold.

how much for ogre II bpo?

I would like 150bil however i’m open to offers or trades. I’m quite reasonable.

23 day bump

Is there a list, somewhere in this thread, of the T2 BPOs you have on sale rn?

The original post is kept up to date

To the top!

Molok for Sale as well

Molok Sold. Only 1 Praetor II remaining for sale.

New inventory added:

Avatar (Amamake)
Ragnarok (Amamake)
Leviathan (Amamake)

Ogre II
Praetor II

Navy dreads.

No longer looking for curse.

Wtb exhumer bpos

Titans have sold. Everything else is available.

To the top! More Dreads available.


Exhumer BPOS + Curse BPOs

How much you looking for for the Hulk? Mail me

6 of the same ship bpos would be the largest consolidation I’ve seen. Nice!

Thanks I tried to get more but the last 3 guys want the following:

  1. Skiff BPO trade
  2. 400bil
  3. 450bil

For their curse BPOs lol.

@bucktooth prefer selling as a set.

How much is :
Praetor II

Ogre - 160
Praetor - 140