T2 BPO + MORE - Kyoko Mart

I appreciate you have a price

Ogre II
Praetor II
2 Curse


Navy Dreads are 7bil each. Discount for multiple

How much for a Curse BPO?

285 per since the others are 350+

To the top! Praetor II sold.

new inventory and more faction dreads available (Amamake)

any. t2 bpos?

How much for a Curse BPO?

Sold the last 2 for 285 each


The inventory is updated in the Original post. I tend to stick to Drones and ships nowadays. Don’t touch mods/ammo that often.

[ok thank you

Last I saw they wanted to sell the exhumers as a package deal.

DM’ed you in game ^^

How much are you asking for the Curse. Also any t2 ammo please dm me if you ever happen to find one in your inventory.

A non-hyperable price :D. No T2 ammo. Haven’t bought an ammo print in nearly a few years now.

Is the ogre still available?

What’s available is updated in the OP.

Faction Dreads are vailable.

6.5bil each!

WTB Praetor II- 120B, the other guy didnt post it.

Send me in game mail I want to know what bps currently you are selling I want to buy some

highest offer is 135.

I’d sell for 145