T2 BPO + MORE - Kyoko Mart

136b bump

140B offer

ok 145b

I’ll give it a few hours. If no one offers higher than my original selling point ill set up contract.

thx this is my first one, just trying to bring in some positive isk flow. Been trying to get one but worse of luck.

Honestly, if you’re buying for production, I’d suggest saving up more for a ship. Easier to resell and gets better returns for the effort. Drone BPO earns great profit, but you have to sell 1500-2000+ depending on the structure you use.

But if you are content on Drone BPO i’d suggest setting up your own PI chain or finding a source for the PI components. Will increase your returns tremendously.

yep i have a place to sell them 1500-2000+ no problem. thx, Im doing PI as well, just doing all the different tiers are a pain… have to ship components back and forth to make it a higher tier… and worm space is full of people now from my exp. I have ships that I construct as well… but wanted something more basic to start being incremental revenue daily… along with all the common jita products.

Contract is up @LORD_ACER - Congrats

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Do you have a price in mind for the exhumer package? PM me if you rather.

Highest offer so far has been 1tril but i’d like 1.25


Question for you, just for my curiosity more than anything and I thought you might know. When they reworked mining crystals, did they convert all of the T2 Veld/Scord/etc crystal BPOs into the new varieties?

Of course… afaik they shafted the owners as hard as possible. Not Kyoko but I did own and sell a a complete set of t2 crystal bpos.

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As Zahara stated the T2 BPOs were converted into the “little waste, but crap Isk per hour” crystals in a game where everyone purchases the max isk per hour crystals. Killed their value overnight. @Ice_Dealer owned all of them with many duplicates.

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How much a Phoenix Navy?

Sold out but they were 6.5. Next batch already sold out as well.

I will take one next time one is available please

Sad but true.


Bestla and Guardian-Vexor added

Hi how much it is for these? and for the whole set?