T2 BPO's Auction - Closed

Dear New Eden,

I am offering the following T2 BPO’s for sale this Sunday. It is an open auction so make an offer.

Offers ingame to: Plamhou or inhere
Sales will be done via contract only.
BPO’s are located close to Jita and in Highsec

-updated 21-6 @0000-

Co-Processor II - ME10 -TE20 - Offered 42B
Light Electron Blaster II - ME10 -TE20 - Offered 41B
Light Electron Blaster II - ME10 -TE16 - Offered 41B
Mjolnir Rage Torpedo II - ME10 -TE20 - Offered 39B
Small Capacitor Booster II - ME10 -TE20 - Offered 40B
Small Shield Extender II - ME10 -TE20 - Offered 40B

Auction will close on Sunday midnight!

Bump for today

Bump for today

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