T2 Data and relic rigs

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I Want to know is there any ship that can fit both the T2 data and relic rigs at the same time? and is worth it for doing relic and data sites

(Wyk Bathana) #2

just level up your skills for hacking and for flying a covert op or a an astero, your bonuses will be high enough and you won’t need rigs for hacking. Sometimes i do explo with a ship with no bonus for hacking, for example an interceptor, and it works perfectly. Because once you have learned how to hack by trying to hack 100+ relic sites , you get better at this game

(BalticBeast14) #3

No. There isn’t. Each of these rigs needs 300 calibration space. These 2 rigs have 600. But ships have only 400 and some even less. So, you can’t fit 2 of these rigs.

For T1 hacking modules and low skills maybe yes. Otherwise no. You can fit something more useful (rather enhance scanning strength and align time).

But if you are comfortable with these rigs, then go ahead and fly it. They are not bad. Fly what you like.

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Thanks for the answers that helped a lot!

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