T2 Battle + data/relic ship?

I have been an explorer in (C2)wormholes (gas, data, relic) for a month.
But there’s always a problem: the level three data/relic sites with sleepers.I always do solo (with a Probe)and I just want to try and fight there, but I always failed.So I’m wondering, is there a chance that I can have a T2 ship, that can do battle and data/relic sites at the same time?

Here are some of my requirements:
1.less then 100 million ISK(the whole set)
2.No omega clone equipment

Yeah, that’s it.
Thanks for helping.

Gnosis. Answer for any alpha clone need. Mining - Gnosis (5 lasers and up to 6 laser upgrades). Combat - Gnosis. Probing - Gnosis again…

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This is undocumented but a class 2 relic site has the equivalent of a class 3 combat anomaly.
A class 3 date or relic site will have class 4 combat anomaly equivalents and so on.

Here is a hint:
Sleeper data sites drop datacores, which invent tech 3 ship hulls and subsystems. Sleeper relic sites drop yellow blueprint copies you need to invent tech 3 ship hulls and subsystems of.
A sleeper wreck contains some materials needed to build a tech 3 ship or subsystem.

Conclusion: Fly a tech 3 boat with the relic and data hacking bonus subsystem on.

There are no T2 hulls that you can fly with Alpha skills and that is unlikely to change. Some things need to behind the paywall to encourage the rest of us to subscribe and CCP is a business - they need revenue to pay the developers who make the game.

The Gnosis is the only combat capable T1 hull with a scanning bonus that meets your budget - it does not have a hacking bonus. Stratios fits the requirement but it’s a lot more expensive and Alpha’s can’t fit the covert cloak.

thanks :slight_smile:

Well the Heron has a nice drone bay…

Heron and Probe are essentially identical - can launch 3 light scout drones and no bonuses for weapons or drones. Also restricted to T1 or faction for Alpha clones. A T3 cruiser or Stratios is likely the best choice but these are well above the budget ceiling and require Omega skills.

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Except Stratios, you can’t fit the Covert Cloak on it without Omega.

With a 100m budget your best choice would be a drake or myrmidon (both shield fit), but it’ll be pretty tight and you’ll need to wait a while for the skills.
I’d reccommend you stick to normal pirate relic/data until you get the skills and the money for a Gila. Once you get the hang of it those c2 sites are nothing, even with alpha skills.

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The Heron has an edge over the Probe in fitting. With a Heron you can fit an additional medium slot, which is great if you plan on shield tanking which the Heron excels at. The Probe is more versatile in its setup options, you can shield tank, armor tank, speed tank with it. You can go missiles/rockets or autocannons/artillery with the Probe. The Heron you are just stuck with missiles/rockets if you choose to arm it.

The drone bays are the same size and same for the bandwidth for both of them. The Imicus is a bit more drone happy, with enough to field 4 lights and have 4 more as spares. But no weapon itself unless you dont put a cloak on it…LOL who does that?

Fly a T1 frigate, don’t get into combat, but if combat finds you the ISK loss will be so inconsiderable you will not notice it.

You look like worf @Trinkets_friend

a combat frigate can get the job done. dont try to fight rats without damage or tanking bonuses, it will take a lot of time to finish and the exploration ships are paper thin (save for the SoE ones, i think).

a combat frigate with a spare high or with access to a Mobile Depot can scan sites (relic and data sleeper sites are easy to find) and then have at it against the sleeper drones with minimal collaterals as long as you keep AB running on and do proper cap and tank management, points if you use capless weapons like missiles or autocannons since it gives some help against neuting rats (which you should always focus first albeit with caution in case of being a trigger).

this is from a C1 standpoint, not sure what stuff comes in the C2 relic/data sites. if there’s battleship spawns i wouldnt bother at all.

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