T2 Ship BPO trades SOLD/DONE

I’m going to focus on Gallente and Minny ships going forward so I have the following BPOs that I am willing to trade for another T2 Ship BPO that’s Gal or Min:

Manticore - 10/20

Cerberus - 10/20

Zealot - 9/20

Sacrilege - 10/20

Do you have one of these? :slight_smile:

Rapier, Jaguar, Sabre, Eos, Astarte, Skiff, Lachesis, Vagabond or Muninn?

Let me know…
Not really considering ISK sales right now but that could change if you offer something crazy…

still open for deals

Intrested in what you have, not looking to spend isk, let me know we can talk somewhere else

Hey, sorry, the prints have gone.

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