-T5- Null Indy Corp Wants You!

Null Corp in Cache Area under Vindi Alliance is looking for you to join,

do you like mining, building ? PvE ? PvP ? - do you have a head set ? - do you like making ISK ? - Have min 5 mil Skill Points?

Then come to -T5- Monkey Empire Industries for in game chat Or hit me up on Discord @ Loki Aleris#1370
/ Head Recruiter Fubar @ zxXFUBARXxz#3646

Come fly in Null, come make Isk. come have fun with both EU and US TZ members

Loki Aleris

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T2 Hul Production is on the way, come join our team and have fun making ISK

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Want to build? want to make Isk ? want to Pew Pew ?

Come join Us at T5

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