Null Sec Corp Recruiting

o/ Dear Pilots of Eve

Do you like making Isk ? do you like mining and PvP ?
why not stop by the ever Growing -T5- Monkey Empire Industries, Part of the Vindictive alliance under Legacy Coalition.

Vindi ? whos that ? Check this link

Drop by in game @ -T5- Recruitment channel, Monkey Empire Industries are one of the founding Corps to Vindictive. We Mine, Explo, PvE, PvP - if you cant make all that Glorious isk with us, your doing Eve Wrong. Corp Owned system and moons to mine. Come chat and have fun.

Min 5 Million Skill Points.

-T5- CEO
Loki Aleris

Still Looking for more Pilots to join the ever growing T5 Corp

Join T5 Now !! Recruiting EU and US TZ

Stop by, have a chat.

More joining daily , you next ?

I joined 2 months ago after taking a break from the game. If you’re looking for a fun group that does it all, T5 and Vindi are it! Join our recruit channel in game and say hi!

Seriously though, T5 does it all! Join today!

Come say hello and join us today!

I’ll be by the channel in a bit!

Check out our in game recruitment channel and say hi! We’ve got something for everyone!

I do Love a -T5- Poster , Do you think want to join our Epic growing corp ? do you want to make ISK? do you want to have fun? then stop by -T5- channel and come say hi


Join us and have some fun!

come stop by the growing Null sec corp -T5- one of the 2 Foudnign Corps of Vindi


You like to mine ? - make ISK ? - have fun with 200 + alliance members ? All Times Zones Covered

Stop by -T5- Recruitment or mail me Loki Aleris

Looking for fun pilots to join as well as Small Corps that want to try Null but dont know how to. Stop by and have a chat - looking to merge into a larger corp and fly in Legacy space ? join me and have a laugh

-T5- CEO

Indy corp under Vindi Alliance part of the great Legacy Co:
Corp offers
Buy back
Fun roams
Discount on corp member production

great corp for making isk
taken on members and HS Mining corps that want to make that great ISK

stop by and chat to us

Come join -T5- Epic Fun

Taken on members and HS Mining corps

bump up

Still looking for members, and mining corps that want to be part of Null life

fun null corp come join both EU n US TZ welcome