Null Sec Corp Recruiting

o/ Dear Pilots of Eve

Do you like making Isk ? do you like mining and PvP ?
why not stop by the ever Growing -T5- Monkey Empire Industries, Part of the Vindictive alliance under Legacy Coalition.

Vindi ? whos that ? Check this link

Drop by in game @ -T5- Recruitment channel, Monkey Empire Industries are one of the founding Corps to Vindictive. We Mine, Explo, PvE, PvP - if you cant make all that Glorious isk with us, your doing Eve Wrong. Corp Moons and BP collection for that sweet T1/ T2 and Cap builds. Come chat and have fun.

Min 5 Million Skill Points.

-T5- CEO
Loki Aleris

Do you like making ISK ? Do you like to build and kill things ? Stop by T5 and have a chat.

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