VINDICTIVE [VINDI] is Recruiting Corps/Individuals

Who the heck is VINDICTIVE?
VINDICTIVE is a Sov Nullsec PvP alliance based in the Immensea region and are also part of the Legacy coalition.

The founding corps [F-OFF] Federation of Freedom Fighters and [-T-5-] Monkey Empire Industries were looking for the same thing, To run an alliance without all the ball and chains attached.

[VINDI] is a highly operational PvP alliance that operates in EU and US time zones. Equipped with a very healthy killboard and continue to grow each and everyday.

Now you might be asking what makes us different and well I’ll give you some reasons.

Corporation Identity :
This is handled by not micro managing corporations within the alliance and allowing corps to create their own identity.

We own very lucrative space in Immensea

Corp Systems :
Systems are handed out to corporations after their vetting process where they can then start placing down infrastructure.

Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, or Wormholes. It doesn’t matter where or when Vindi will be there plunging head first into the fray.

Ship Replacement Program - If you’re fighting, you’re spending money, and we as an alliance will do what we can to SRP what you lose for our cause.

10 Active Pilots (heartbeats not characters), must grow to 15+ within 3 months to retain alliance membership, and 20+ to leave the vetting process.

Must enroll ALL corporation members on our auth services.
Must be a good fit with the alliance to retain membership (don’t be toxic).

Single Players:
Reach out to any of the corporation within the alliance to request to join.
Contacts :
US: Justin Starr STARR or Frosty Bolt
EU: Lexo Mexo

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I mean, lets be honest. Everyone wants to be a cool kid. Whelp, I’mma shoot it at ya straight. VINDI are the cool kids. Think of all the ridicule you’ll get in your space ship if you arent in the cool kids club? Do you want that? I wouldn’t. Join VINDI, get dank ticks, get danker killmails.

Want a place where your corp can be themselves? Want to go somewhere and blew up things and do some shenanigans? If so come talk to us

Does your corp like to PvP?
Do you want to join a Sov Nullsec PvP Alliance?

Well Vindi might just be the place for your corp.
Hit me up on Discord and lets talk.

Justin Starr STARR#8251

If your corp is looking for a new home in Nullsec to go pew pew then come over and talk with us.

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