VINDICTIVE is Recruiting Corps/Individuals

Who the heck is VINDICTIVE?
VINDICTIVE is a Sov Nullsec PvP alliance based in the Immensea region and are also part of the Legacy coalition.

[VINDI] is a highly operational PvP alliance that has a very healthy zKillboard and continue to grow each and everyday.

Why join Vindi you ask? Let me give you an insight to what Vindi is. A bunch of PvP / Indy / Explo / PvE pilots over US and EU Time zone. We have much to offer all corps within Vindi:

Corporation Identity
This is handled by not micro managing corporations within the alliance and allowing corps to create their own identity.

We own very lucrative space in Immensea

PvP corps will enjoy the War against Goons, INIT and anyone else who thinks they can attack us. Indy corps are you ready to have your wallets grow? War means market order to fill.

Ship Replacement Program - If you’re fighting, you’re spending money, and we as an alliance will do what we can to SRP what you lose for our cause.

Public Moons for your members to get that sweet Goo for T2.

We have our own serves you can use.

10 Active Pilots (heartbeats not characters), must grow to 15+ within 3 months to retain alliance membership, and 20+ to leave the vetting process.

Must enroll ALL corporation members on our auth services.
Must be a good fit with the alliance to retain membership (don’t be toxic).

Single Players
Reach out to any of the corporation within the alliance to request to join.

Alliance Point of Contacts (for corps to join)
US: Markus Pandicane
Discord: Markus Pandicane#6965
EU: Stan
Discord: Stan#1521

Stop by for a chat by contacting:

US: Markus Pandicane
Discord: Markus Pandicane#6965
EU: Stan
Discord: Stan#1521

Any pilots that are looking for a home in a Indy/ PvP Null Corp jump by T5 Form, Founding corp to Vindi:

Do you like PvP Indy PvE - Do you like making ISK - Do you like being part of a family come join VINID US and EU TZ

Looking for an alliance with a lot chances to do what you always wanted to do?
Or you have no clue what possibilities 0.0 can offer you, but you want to try out?
Interested in taking part in one of the biggest wars in EVE ever?
No matter if you feel noobish or pro, have a talk with us and we’ll see if YOU fit in our family! :slight_smile:

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