-T5- Indy Corp Recruiting


-T5- Wants you!

Indy Corp part of Vindi Alliance

Who are VIndi ?

Under the Great Legacy Co:

We have Corp Moons, T`1 & T2 Production, Capitals - PvP - PvE - Explo, You want Nul Life and make Nul ISK? Come join us
Stop by -T5- Recruitment Channel or mail Loki Aleris in game

Corp Manufacturing Discount
Corp Moons
Corp Buy back
Corp fun ops

Members or HS Mining cops that want to join us and kill some rocks and Pew Pew Pm me

-T5- CEO
Loki Aleris

Come join -T5- Mining Indy Corp in Nul
Make That ISK

Taken on Members and HS Mining corps


going up

Still looking for Miners, Mining corps, builders and more to join and make that sweet Null ISK

Null corp taken on members and HS mining corps to make that sweet isk

come join the alliance Indy team

Are you Tired of HS Mining ? are you Tired of not making isk ?

Come join -T5- Null Sec Indy Corp

Taking on Members and HS Mining Corps


we want you ! come one come all

Bump Bump - come join us

still looking for members and HS mining corps to join our null team

going up

we want u !!

Great corp members wanted

T5 still looking for Members and Mining corps

We Want YOU!

Come join T5

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