TABDS looking for small gang PVP pilots!

Do you like small gang PVP? Do you have a basic understanding of small nano gang? Do you have basic understanding of wh life? Do you realize you need to scan in a wh in order to get content?

If your answer to the above questions was yes, then I would like to invite you to join TABDS we are a small PVP corp ( EUTZ/Early USTZ ). TABDS is looking to grow with more small gang minded pilots. We offer a very chill relaxed environment. No mandatory ops or strict requirements. Just log in and lets go hunting. We Currently reside in a C2/C4/Hs.

They’re Blue Don’t Shoot | Corporation | zKillboard


  • !!!WILLING TO SCAN AND ROLL HOLES!!! (most important)
  • Working microphone (discord)
  • 20mil SP (will consider lower sp based on situation or experience)
  • Self Sustainable (very rarely do we PVE)

IN-GAME CONTACT: Sexy Lord or Norrec Morussian

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