Tactical Tea Baggers [TRI] - Filling our Lipto Box

Join the Elite Ranks of Tactical Tea Baggers - Conquer the Stars with Style!

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the vast universe of EVE Online? Tactical Tea Baggers is seeking seasoned pilots like you to join our battle-hardened corporation and make a name for yourself among the stars. As a member of Tactical Tea Baggers, you’ll experience the thrill of non-blob warfare, engage in hardcore doctrines, and be part of a fun, tight-knit family atmosphere.

Position: Skilled Pilots Wanted

If you possess a minimum of 40 million skill points and have a Dreadnought alt or are willing to train for one, Tactical Tea Baggers is the perfect fit for you. Our experienced Fleet Commanders (FCs) will guide you through intense battles, offering strategic expertise and unleashing your full potential. As a member of our corporation, your responsibilities will include:

  • Taking part in non-blob warfare operations
  • Engaging in hardcore doctrines to dominate the battlefield
  • Collaborating closely with fellow pilots to execute precise tactics
  • Training and preparing for Dreadnought deployments
  • Embracing our friendly and supportive community spirit

What We Offer:

  • Seasoned FCs: Benefit from the guidance of experienced Fleet Commanders who will sharpen your skills and lead you to victory.
  • Hardcore Doctrines: Engage in battles using powerful doctrines that push the limits of your ship’s capabilities.
  • Non-Blob Warfare: Experience the thrill of strategic warfare where skill and tactics prevail over sheer numbers.
  • Fun Family Atmosphere: Join a welcoming community of like-minded pilots who support and encourage each other, creating an environment where friendships thrive.
  • Dynamic Environment: Immerse yourself in a living, breathing universe as we operate primarily in Low-sec, where every decision has consequences and opportunities await around every corner.

Tactical Tea Bagger KB

Join Tactical Tea Baggers today and become part of a legacy that reaches for the stars. Forge new alliances, conquer uncharted territories, and leave your mark on the galaxy. Apply now and set sail on an extraordinary journey!

Ceo, The Earl of Earl Grey Jayuk1 - Jay* Nutt3r#1961
Director of Tear Mining Carlos Pedersoli - Carlos Pedersoli#2581
USTZ Director of Fun Fun Xanath Zing - uhman78#7317

Videos of some of our exploits:

Bump, Looking for those that want to join a friendly corp!

Bump bump

Bump, we have been actively engaged in a war for Sov in the South. Many battles in the 75-100 per side. Come join, hit me up on disord or come to have a chat in our pub channel “LIPTO pub” Have a Tinny with us!

bumpuaggueee!! \o/

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