Take it Cheesy- A cheese themed WH corps!

We are looking to fill our ranks with likeminded individuals that want to work as a team to complete the goal of becoming space rich. If you like doing serious EVE stuff while at the same time not taking things to seriously give us a shout out. We have the following activities:

  • C4 with C3/C5 access for that PVE itch
  • Random PVP roams in all areas of space
  • Moon Mining
  • Gas huffing and other mining activities
  • Random shenanigans

If you are 18+ (mature cheese only) and have discord with a mic hop on our discord and lets see if you are a fit for our corps. Just remember you won’t find a feta corps!

We are looking to recruit in all time zones.

Still recruiting

Something doesn’t smell quite right here.

It’s the aged cheese

Discord link invalid.

Should work now.

Come and get some of that good WH life

It’s a gouda corps!

Discord link not working… i have littel experience in wh but i m willing to learn… PM in game Gataka88

Still recruiting link updated hopefully it works now

Come join us and have some fun in our wormhole!

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