Tanked 'n Spanked - Lowsec Pirate Corporation

You can also directly contact one of the following characters in-game via convo or mail.


  • Vyechney Nokov
  • Snutz


Or join our Discord & in-game channel “TAS Pub” - https://discord.gg/ncD4YxP




What we offer:


  • Based in Low Security Space, active pipe
  • Fight in Lowsec and Nullsec.
  • Currently fighting everybody in space.
  • EU/US tz primarily.
  • TS3, Discord
  • Capital warfare.
  • Black Ops
  • Ship Replacement Program.
  • Small gang roams.
  • Jump Freighter Service.


What we want from you:


  • 10 million SP minimum
  • Mature
  • Self-Sufficient for making ISK.
  • Voice Comms - Availability of a microphone utilizing TS3/Disccord.
  • Killboard that shows PVP experience.
  • Teamplayer
  • FULL API keys during recruitment process.
  • And for you f*** ■■■■ up.


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