(Jigro) #1

Thug is a very close, small group of experienced pvpers covering EU/US and AU tz.

We are looking for anyone who wants to be part of a good community of gamers who have known each other for over 5 years.

We live in lowsec, have plenty of isk making options for you and constant pvp every day, very laid back corp and nothing is mandatory.

If you are interested, send Jigro a mail.

106m xp 98% PvP pilot returing USTZ (closed)
(Plank Life) #2

Wow, I am TRIPPIN off of good this community is. I fully reccomend everyone take a TRIP to check this amazing corporation out.

(Jigro) #3

Looking for US TZ at the moment.

(Jigro) #4

Still looking for more. Plenty of good content, and active corp. KB speaks for itself.

(Jigro) #5

Still looking for US TZ

(system) #6

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