THG. - corporate thugging at its finest

Tired of CTAs?
Tired of looking at your VNI enlessly circling around that damn gate?
Willing to learn to PVP in a supportive environment?

Then Thug. is for you! We are a fast growing high/lowsec corp based in Black Rise with the goal to be a newbro friendly PVP academy.
From frigate roams to dreadbombs, from high to null, we take pride into our gradual method to get you into PVP. We do not care about zkill, but we do care about you enjoying your time in EVE. We also offer everyone the possibility to freely try their hand at small gang FCing.

We run Faction Warfare mission fleets and mine our moons for great income.

Come have a chat:

For the more experienced players, we got things for you:

Awesome post, always looking for more.

Hoping to build up the US/AU/RU time zone some more. Check us out

Lots of content to be had. Beware: you may well have fun.

Still open :slight_smile:

Show me that EU tz!

Bumping for more awesome guys!

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