TC-KL [AU TZ] is recruiting

Up you go !!!

Fish from Drekavac roam last night, we would like to have more to join us with all the funnies …

Up we go !!!

Happy, whatever day this is …

Hello friends. Time for an up boot.

War is starting. And apparently it never changes.
Come have some fun.

up and away

We would like some new folk in. War be raging and all. :slight_smile:

Morning bump !!

It is a new day !!

Always willing to take more folk in

Hi! I’m pretty new. I’m from Vic. Online after work usually, I am in a pretty good Corp right now but it is based in HS and I spend most of my time in Low/Null so looking for a new corp. I will jump in to your channel and have a chat. Cheers mate.

More than welcome mate. I might be able to do some EVE tonight myself due to ANZAC :). Love holidays. Anyway, do pop in, we will have a chat.


Hey Sweet, awesome well might catch you online then, enjoy the day off! Cheers

And up we go for the day :).

Up for Monday morning !!!

Lets go !!! GO GO GO !!!

Another day, another justice bump !!!

Good morning and happy Monday all. Time to recruit !!! Let’s go !!!

Who needs sleep… Up we go !